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Our courses are run LIVE.

When you join a JBI course, you join a LIVE course  - that is with a real Instructor leading the course.

A LIVE course means that you can share your training experience with real people, the old fashioned way.

Our instructor will guide you through every step of the way, making sure that you are engaged, asking questions and getting the most of the training. You can ask questions and share your experience with the instructor and other delegates.

As part of the course, delegates often  pick up free tips and best-practice ideas that can be applied "back in the office".

There is no better way to conduct technical training when you need to get new skills on board in minimum time.

Attendance is either via the Internet (using Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, etc..) or In-Person at our training centre or at your chosen location for Private/In-house courses.

Why Choose JBI ?

We go further than anyone else to deliver a first-class service. From the very first conversation you have with your technical sales specialist, they’ll get to know you and understand the motivation behind your training so they can suggest the right course "off the shelf" or create a tailor-made course around your needs.

Using first-hand insights, your sales specialist, together with instructors,  will design a course that covers the detail of the technology and introduces you to the tips & tricks and best practices that others might miss. They’ll weave in labs, demos and hands-on exercises that satisfy your needs, whether that’s a one-on-one class or a private course for a team.

Your specialist is with you every step of the way — before, during and after your training. We put the same emphasis on your personal care while you’re on a training journey with us, as we do on creating a training solution that’s unique to you. In your specialist, you have an informed voice on the other end of the phone if you need any help.

If you feel that our service is less than you expected, at any point, or you’d like to give us suggestions for how we can improve, please contact us.


Are you L&D ?


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Here are our 8 reasons why you should trust us to upskill your technology team.


We know what’s important

We understand that there is a growing Technology skills gap out there and that our clients are forever fighting to recruit and retain good talent.  Additionally, the talent already in place needs to be more productive than ever...

We understand that great training is essential to help plug the skills gap and improve productivity and that, as a training provider, you need us to deliver courses that are :

  • Relevant
  • Available
  • Short & Flexible
  • Client-Centric
  • Innovative
  • Engaging
  • Consultative
  • Value for money

These principles guide us in everything that we do.

We aim to get it right – first time

When we take you on  as a new client, working with your training requirement is a full-time job.  Instead of just cranking out a standard quotation, we study your industry sector, thoroughly review your team’s current and future skill requirements, work with you to optimize your training course content and duration and more, all to ensure that your training course is a success.

It’s a lot. And we’ll treat you as if you are our one and only client. We need to get it right in order to secure your trust and ensure repeat business.

It takes practiced and experienced hands to get training right.  our instructors are all  also seasoned consultants in their subject matter.

Our goal is to deliver training outcomes that work for you, not just in the classroom, but especially back in the workplace where you’ll know that you’ve had good value for money.

We know what we're doing

We've been around since 1995 and between the experts on our sales and instructor teams, we have decades of experience creating and delivering technology training courses, and ensuring great training outcomes for our clients.

We’ve worked with thousands of different businesses in every imaginable sector, including many household names and leading companies such as BBC, Cisco, Tesco, NHS, MOD, and dozens more.

With most of our clients, our training courses aim to up-skill and re-skill people in order to make sure they are well equipped to perform their work in a fast changing world.

We’ll also  add value during the training by giving delegates the chance to draw upon the instructor’s real life experiences with the technology and by also facilitating a conversation which will actively engage delegates and help make the newly acquired skills relevant.

When you work with us, you’re working with a team of experts who live and breathe technology - and we love what we do!

We have the top Tech instructors

Finding competent instructors is difficult and our hiring and interview process is very strict.

Our instructors go through a number of tests and months of training and practice before they can work with our clients.

Our instructors are subject-matter experts who practice what they preach out in the real world.

They really know their stuff and can add value in the classroom by getting a conversation going which is engaging and relevant to technology issues that delegates may encounter back in the office.

Practical, hands-on Labs are designed by our instructors to be short, engaging and relevant.

We're honest and we spoil our clients

Honesty is another one of our core values. We’ve built a reputation through honesty and communication with our clients.

We are trusted by our clients to take their training requirements seriously and to deliver on our promises of great training courses.

We’re not in the churn-and-burn business of constantly replacing unhappy dropped clients with new ones every few months. We work long hours so our clients see the results of our efforts and stick with us for years to come. The greatest compliment is repeat business which forms over 90% of our business model.

If delegates are struggling, we’ll quickly find out, and we’ll go the extra mile to help them during the course. We’ll make client management aware that they struggled. These aren’t easy things to bring up to clients, but we believe honesty is the best policy, even if it means an uncomfortable conversation. We tell it how it is.

We have an ROI-focused strategy

Training is expensive and time-consuming, and takes time to yield results, but we wouldn’t be selling a service that wouldn’t eventually pay for itself.

We know that the cost of training is much more than the fees you pay. The fees are often dwarfed by the man hours lost by a team spending days in front of the wrong instructor or being preached the wrong content.

We won’t let that happen!

We deliver skills that work back in the office


The skills we teach you today need to work back in the office, or we’ve all wasted our time.

We are forever changing course content and Labs to ensure that they remain fresh and relevant, so that you know that your newly acquired skills are going to be applicable when you are back at your desk.

We're available on multiple channels

Face to Face training courses have traditionally been our backbone.

Recent global events have accelerated our use of digital channels for course delivery via Zoom, Teams, etc… This has enabled us to be more flexible and available, delivering training to you when you want it and wherever you are.

With all the hype about e-learning, we have maintained our focus on Live, Instructor-led training – it may not be as low-cost as e-learning, but we’ve found that there is no substitute to live training when high quality outcomes are required.

Live, instructor-led courses allow real life skills transfer, they allow delegates to collaborate and share skills and insights, they allow delegates to actively engage and network and allow delegates to participate in a truly social environment that works best for us as human beings.


Let’s get your training underway

Want some free advice about training options? Let’s have a chat and talk about what we can do to help.




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