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16 Sep London
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iOS App Development training course (code: IPHONEIPAD)


Our iOS App development training course has been developed to give developers an intensive introduction to the key hardware features and APIs available to create Line of Business apps for iPhone and iPad.  The course features extensive hands-on labs and exercises using the latest versions of XCode and iOS.


Experienced web and desktop app developers / programmers who need to learn how to develop commercial iPhone and iPad applications using the xCode IDE.



    The developer tools

    • Downloading, installing and setting up the developer tools
    • Using Xcode, Interface Builder and Instruments
    • Setting up a developer’s iPhone
    • iPhone software emulator

    Programming concepts

    • Object orientated programming basics
    • ANSI-C and Objective C
    • C functions and Objective C functions
    • Overview of Objective C datatypes
    • Class writing, sub-classing and inheritance
    • Fields, methods and messaging

    iPhone software development strategies

    • Limitations of the iPhone
    • Key practices for successful iPhone software development
    • iPhone technologies and their uses
    • Location, orientation, acceleration and system information
    • Power management issues

    Working with Xcode

    • Project and asset management
    • Project templates
    • Coding, building and debugging
    • NIB/XIB files
    • Properties (PLIST)

    Using Interface Builder

    • Elements of creating a basic user interface
    • Library and inspector tools
    • Sub-classing, setting outlets and actions
    • Managing connections and bindings
    • Writing class files
    • Manually creating outlets, targets and actions in Xcode
    • File’s owner and First Responder

    Memory management

    • Allocating and releasing memory
    • Release count
    • Pointers and memory locations
    • NSAutoreleasePool
    • Optimising and finding memory leaks with Instruments

    CocoaTouch Frameworks

    • What is the difference with Cocoa?
    • Foundation, UIKit, the Media Layer and CoreServices
    • UIWindow and the Event loop
    • Abstract classes
    • Common objects

    Data management

    • NSString and NSNumber
    • NSDate and NSCalendar
    • NSArray and NSMutableArray
    • UITableView and dataSource
    • Key paths and bindings
    • Key-Value Coding and nil

    iPhone services

    • Active, static and passive controls
    • Responding to taps, touches and gestures
    • The Accelerometer
    • Image views and text fields
    • Managing the user-input keyboard
    • Accessing web services
    • Multimedia - sound and video using the media player

    Further iPhone services

    • Alerts and low memory methods
    • Autorotation and Autosizing
    • Multiviews, Tabs and Pickers
    • User defaults
    • Application sandbox and data persistence
    • Controller objects
    • Camera and photo-library


    • UIColour

  • The developer tools
  • Programming concepts
  • iPhone software development strategies
  • Working with Xcode
  • Using Interface Builder
  • Memory management
  • CocoaTouch Frameworks
  • Data management
  • iPhone services
  • Further iPhone services
  • Graphics

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16th Sep 2019 - 3 days £1995

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