Scala training course

Quickly Create Elegent Compact Applications with Scala And Benefit From Reduced Development Cycles

Next 29 March (Remote)
3 days £1,995.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Introduction and Background
  • Object Oriented Scala
  • Functional Programming with Scala
  • Collections
  • More Functional Programming
  • Exceptions
  • Scala Types
  • Implicit
  • Functional Concurrency in Scala
  • Introducing Actors and Akka


Our Scala training course will show delegates why this powerful general purpose programming language has generated so much interest over the last few years. It provides the foundation of many large scale web applications from companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Netflix, the Guardian, BBCand ITV. Although seen by many as “a better Java”, Scala in fact provides support fordifferent programming paradigms including Object Oriented, Functional and Generic. Its approach to concurrency has proved particularly powerful, and to a large extent accounts for its popularity in large-scale distributed applications, including “Big Data” processing.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the language, demonstrating the power and expressiveness of its syntax and semantics, and its support for these
different programming styles. Examples and exercises are used to illustrate these concepts.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Java (or similar) professionals who are completely new to Scala programming


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Background and evolution of Scala
    - Core principles and design goals
Working with Scala – tools and development approaches
    - IDEs, alternative tools, REPL
Introducing values and types
    - Immutability, mutability, lazy evaluation, type safety
Classes and Objects
    - Definition and use, singleton and companion objects
    - Inheritance
Case classes and pattern matching
    - Types with value semantics
Abstract types
    - Traits and multiple inheritance
    - Sealed types and their use in data modelling
    - Functions as objects
Programming with functions – recursion, currying, partial functions
    - Algorithmic styles
Collections and parameterised types
    - Variance, comparison with Java
    - The collections API
    - Other parameterised types – e.g. Option[T]
Functional programming with collections
    - Internal and external iteration
    - Higher order functions
    - Exceptions and functional programming
    - Scala support for exception handling
More about Scala Types
    - Value classes and their use
    - Introduction to dependent types
    - Implicit views and type conversions
    - Implicit parameters
    - Type classes
Concurrency and asynchronous programming
    - Working with Futures
    - Overview of actors
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