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16 Sep London
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T-SQL training course (code: SQLDEV)


This T-SQL training course provides a comprehensive introducion to developing applications using Microsoft SQL Server . Delegates will take full advantage of the powerful new development features with TSQL and the common language runtime. In addition the course explores native XML support, SQL Server as a Web Services platform, ADO/ADO.NET enhancements and the new suite of built-in application server capabilities.


IT Professionals who need to learn to build database applications which take advantage of powerful server-side features that Microsoft SQL Server provides.



SQL Server 2014 Overview

Version History
Feature Overview
Development Tools

Programming with Transact SQL (TSQL) - the Basics

Using Variables
Control of Flow Statements
Error Handling
Using Cursors

Programming Views

Creating Views
Updating Through Views
Indexed Views

Programming Stored Procedures

Creating Procedures
Passing Parameters

Programming User Defined Functions

Scalar, Inline Table and Multi-Statement
Data Manipulation in UDFs
Profiling UDFs

Programming Triggers

Trigger Syntax
Trigger Events
Enabling/Disabling Triggers
Nested Triggers

TSQL Enhancements

Ranking Functions
Recursive Queries
Relational Operators

Monitoring your SQL Server

Data Definition Language Triggers
DDL Event Notifications
Metadata Views

Messaging with the SQL Server 2014 Service Broker

Architecture Overview
Service Broker Example
Conversation Architecture
Conversation Process

Using SQL Server 2014 Integration Services (SSIS)

Work Flow and Data Flow
Package Design
Worked Examples

XML-Based Solutions

XML Data Type
FOR XML Enhancements
OPENXML Enhancements
XML Schemas
XML Indexes

Web Services and HTTP Endpoints

Web Services Architecture
Native HTTP Support
HTTP Endpoint Declaration
XML Input/Output Types

Coding SQL Server with .NET

Enabling the .NET CLR
Creating Managed Stored Procedures
Creating Managed UDFs
Creating Managed Triggers 

Building SQL 2014 Client Applications

Snapshot Isolation
Bulk Import

  • Utilisation of the new Management Studio and associated tools.
  • Confidence to program database objects in TSQL.
  • Use extensive new TSQL features.
  • Exploit native XML data support, including the new XQuery feature
  • Work with Visual Studio tools and the Common Language Runtime to create managed procedures and types.
  • Deliver functional Web Services with HTTP Endpoints
  • Use ADO.NET for new data access capabilities, including asynchronous commands.

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