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Saltstack training course

Use Saltstack to manage and orchestrate your infrastructure

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Our Saltstack (Salt) training course will introduce you to this configuration management and orchestration tool.

It uses a central repository to provision new servers and other IT infrastructure, to make changes to existing ones, and to install software in IT environments, including physical and virtual servers, as well as the cloud.

Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management built on a dynamic communication bus. Salt can be used for data-driven orchestration, remote execution for any infrastructure, configuration management for any app stack, and much more.

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Next on 23rd May 2022

JBI training course London UK

  • Explore Docker and Linux container technology
  • Understand Docker containers lifecycle
  • Work with Docker images
  • Learn Network communication between containers
  • Understand Persistence of data in containers
  • Explore Container orchestration requirements and available options
  • Gain an Introduction to Kubernetes and other orchestration systems
  • Understand Kubernetes core concepts: Pods, Labels, Controllers, Services, Secretes, Persistent Data Volumes, Claims, Namespaces, Quotas
  • Explore Kubernetes reference architecture and its main components
  • Exploit Containers network model in Kubernetes
  • Utilise Service discovery, scaling and load balancing
  • Apply DNS for service discovery
  • Ingress controller and reverse proxy
  • Learn Persistence of application state and the data volume model in Kubernetes
  • Utilise Storage backend in Kubernetes: local, NFS, GlusterFS, Ceph
  • Work with Cluster management
  • Deploy applications and services on a Kubernetes cluster
  •  Utilise Advanced controllers: Daemon Sets and Stateful Sets
  • Explore Job and Cron jobs
  • Understand Standalone pods
  • Utilise Storage Classes and get to know Dynamic Storage provisioning
  • Network policies
  • Secure a Kubernetes cluster
  • Understand Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
  • Control Plane High Availability
  • Learn about Auto Scaling
  • Learn Cluster monitoring and Troubleshooting
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Introduction to Saltstack

  • Concepts
  • Installation

Executing commands

  • Remote command execution
  • Local command execution

Selecting targets

  • Using wildcard characters
  • Using regular expressions
  • Using list
  • Using grains
  • Using custom grains
  • Using compound matching

Introduction to YAML

  • File structure
  • Data storage

Execution modules

  • Managing users
  • Managing packages
  • Managing services
  • Executing commands
  • Creating execution modules
  • Modules and virtual functions

Configuration management

  • Defining state of infrastructure
  • Running states
  • State modules
  • Specifying dependencies

Extending states with Jinja2

  • Variables
  • Control structures


  • Secure data storage
  • Using pillar data in state formulas

State system

  • Highstate
  • Environments


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Next on 23 May - see prices
JBI training course London UK

Developers and Systems Administrators looking for an introduction to  Saltstack
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Next on 23 May - see prices

4.8 out of 5 average

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Next on 23 May - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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