Aurelia training course

Learn to build amazing apps with this next generation JavaScript framework thatsupports ES6 out of the box

Next 29 March (Remote)
3 days £1,795.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to Aurelia
  • Explore Layout, Menu, and Routing
  • Exploit with Displaying Data
  • Utilise Forms and Form Validation
  • Make Reusable Components
  • Understand the Architecture: Organizing and Decoupling
  • Learn to write Testing
  • Utilise Formatting
  • Learn about Animations
  • Learn Bundling for Production
  • Integrate with Other Libraries
  • Use Webpack in projects


Our Aurelia training course will help you master this next generation UI framework. and covers all the fundamentals including the MVVM pattern, data binding, validation, creating reusable components and integrating with other libraries.

The workshop is designed to help you master Aurelia and write maintainable, testable and extensible client applications. 

This is a Hands-On course with high practical content and you will be able to take away with you some of the examples worked on during the course.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

JavaScript Programmers looking to learn Aurelia


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Introducing Aurelia

• Terminology and core concepts
• Architecture
• Tooling
• Project skeleton

Layout, Menu, and Routing

• Dependency injection
• The plugin system
• Logging
• Routing

Displaying Data

• Templating basics
• Data binding
• Using built-in behaviours
• Value converters
• Binding behaviours
• Computed properties
• Fetching data from an endpoint

Forms and Form Validation

• Binding to form inputs
• Adding forms to our application
• Validation
• Editing complex structures

Making Reusable Components

• Composition
• Using a template as a custom element
• Understanding HTML behaviours
• Custom attributes and elements
• Preventing multiple submits
• Customizing the view location strategy

Architecture: Organizing and Decoupling

• Organizing an application
• Decoupling components


• Unit tests
• End-to-end tests


• Formatting numbers. dates and relative time
• Integrating with validation
• Integrating with the Router
• Segregating by feature


• The Animator API
• The CSS animator

Bundling for Production

• Configuring bundles
• Versioning bundles
• Deploying the application

Integrating with Other Libraries

• Using Bootstrap widgets
• Using jQuery UI widgets
• Using SASS instead of CSS
• Dragging and dropping with sortable
• Drawing graphs with D3
• Using Polymer components

Using Webpack

• Running tasks
• Adding libraries
• Bundling
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