Coding for Non-Coders training course

Gain elementary skills in coding - Improve your understanding of Software Development

Next 15 March (Remote)
2 days £1,200.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to coding for the web
  • Gain an Overview of web technologies
  • Learn Web Development Terminology
  • Mainstream technologies and languages
  • Explore HTML, CSS, etc interact
  • Go through HTML intro & Lab: Apply CSS to HTML Documents
  • CSS intro & Lab / DOM intro & Lab
  • Experience JavaScript intro & Lab
  • Exercise – Adding functionality with JavaScript 
  • The future: Learn about the feature technologies 


Our Coding training course is a perfect way to have a gentle look at the world of software development for the first time, It  is perfectly placed to enable you to communicate and work more effectively with your own technical community whilst also developing the skills to produce simple interactive and engaging web applications yourself.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Anyone wanting to get an introduction to coding


Related Courses

Module 1: Introduction

  •  Overview of web technologies – what are they, how do they work together
  •  HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript, JS libraries and frameworks e.g. jQuery, Client/server, AJAX
  • Testing, testing …
  •  Browsers
  •  Compatibility
  •   Standards & reusability
  •   Developer tools to use on the course
  •   Exercise – Set-up your system ready to go

Module 2: HTML

  •  Structure
  •  Keywords (Tags) overview
  •  What is HTML5 and what does it provide
  •  Using the most popular tags
  •  Exercise – Build basic HTML content

Module 3: CSS

  •    CSS structure
  •    Applying CSS to HTML Documents
  •    Using the most popular CSS properties
  •     CSS Web Site Design – layout
  •      One Size fits all with CSS (Responsive design)
  •    What is CSS3 and why would I use it
  •     Exercise – Making your page Stylish

Module 4: DOM

  •    What is the DOM and how does it relate to webpages
  •    HTML and the DOM
  •   JavaScript and the DOM
  •   Exercise – Animating your webpage


Module 5: JavaScript

  •   What is JavaScript?
  •    How is it used on a webpage?
  •    JavaScript or framework/library
  •    What are objects and why should I care?
  •     Exercise – Adding functionality


Module 6: The future

  •  Future technologies – Angular, React & Flux, MongoDB
  •  Fashions and fads
  •  Development practices – Agile & the web project
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