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Entity Framework training course

Create Commercial .NET Applications That Use Object /Relational Mapping Using The .NET Framework

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JBI training course London UK

  • Introduction to Entity Framework and versions
  • Alternative approaches to Entity Framework (Core or Full Framework)
  • Database First or Code First
  • Use Code First to create entities and complex types
  • Use of attributes and fluent approach to creating databases
  • Learn Entity queries in depth
  • Learn to Edit and Update Entity Data
  • Learn Validation and Customization


This Entity Framework training course will show the .NET ways of working with Object Relation Mapping.  How to both create or query relational databases.

Entity Framework has evolved over the years and supports both Full Framework and .NET Core; both of which can be covered.  

Whilst there are differences between Full Framework and .NET Core versions, there are many common features.  

The course shows how the Entity Framework can be used in a number of ways, either starting with an existing database or by creating entities in code from which a database can be created.  

As well as the usual Create, Read, Update and Delete functionality, support for transactions and change tracking will also be demonstrated.  .NET LINQ together with the use of Lambdas and Extension methods will be used to illustrate comprehensive capabilities to querying for data.  Asynchronous working will also be used.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers who wish to create commercial .NET applications that rely on Object / Relational Mapping using the .NET Entity Framework


4.8 out of 5 average

JBI training course London UK

Entity Framework Introduction

What are Entities?
What is Object Relation Mapping?
Entity Framework Options
Versions EF 6 (Full Framework) or EF Core

What is Entity Framework?


  • Database First
  • Model First
  • Code First 

Designing and Creating an Entity Data Model

Understanding LINQ and language features 
Anonymous Types 
Object Initializers 
Extension methods 
Lambda Expressions 
Query Expressions 
Using Lambdas 

Best practices 
Understanding CSDL, SSDL and MSL 
Querying the EDM XML 
Code Generation Options
ObjectContext vs DBContext
Entity Properties 
Navigation properties 
Mapping Stored Procedures
Adding to the Model
Mapping Views 
Working with many to many relationships

Querying Entity Data Models

Understanding LINQ and language features 
Anonymous Types 
Object Initializers 
Extension methods 
Lambda Expressions 
Query Expressions 
Using Lambdas 

Database First

Creating Entities from a Database
Use of Partial Classes

Code First

Creating Entities
Applying Conventions
Attributes (Data Annotations)
Creating Complex Types
Defining Navigation Properties
Connection to Database (Context)
What are Migrations?
Creating Migrations
Creating the Database

Entity queries in depth

Using LINQ to perform Queries
Querying Across Associations 
Joins and Nested Queries 
Shaping results 
Deferred and Eager Loading 
Getting a Single Entity 
Wrapping and Unwrapping 

Editing and Updating Entity Data

Use of Context for Connection
Change Tracking 
Saving Changes
Asynchronous working
Inserting Parents and Children 
Transaction Support

Use Within Window and web applications


Validation and Customization

Validation and Data Annotations
Partial Classes and Metadata
Configuring for ASP.NET MVC
In Memory Database

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