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Tableau training course

Produce visually compelling, intuitive Dashboards & presentations of your corporate data with Tableau - Gain priceless insights into your data

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to Tableau
  • Extract business intelligence by adding value to your data
  • Produce visually compelling and intuitive dashboards and presentations of your corporate data
  • Explore the flexible and easy-to-use tools to find, clean, model and visualise data
  • Create interactive visualisations to deliver business insights
  • Integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources
  • Generate Tableau maps for geographical data
  • Share a story using dashboards to highlight your discoveries


Our Tableau training course shows data analysts how to get the most from this flexible and easy-to-use package. It will enable you to find, clean, model and visualise data, and to share discoveries and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

This course will walk you through the basics of the product, demonstrating functionality and letting you get hands-on.  You will learn to use this powerful tool to help you transform your rows of data into a compelling interactive visual story.

The technology provides significant value to users through its interactive, user-friendly and comprehensible interface. As Christian Chabot, the CEO of Tableau, put it: 

“Customers are turning to Tableau for fast, agile, visual analytics that provide people with the ability to ask and answer their own questions." 

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK


Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists and Staff who need to use Tableau for producing reports from Excel, SQL Server and other databases.

Learn to build Dashboards like this - Typically used for CFO Dashboards, Revenue & Profitability, Expense Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Sales, Stock Control, Risk & Compliance Analysis...



4.8 out of 5 average

"Great training, well structured. This enables me to better understand how Tableau works and improve the data analysis for the company.  The trainer was interesting and provided strong , easy to understand explanations to any questions we had."

HG, HR Data Analyst, Tableau, May 2021

JBI training course London UK

What is Tableau?

  • The Tableau Ecosystem
  • Know your way around

How do I get Started?

  • The analytical process
  • Create your first dashboard

How do i Connect to my Data?

  • Connecting live to data sources
  • Splitting fields
  • Creating Re-usable Data Sources
  • Sharing Data Sources
  • The impact of underlying changesDeclaring data types

How Can I Explore my Data?

  • Filtering Dimensions and Measures
  • Filtering Dates
  • Sorting data in views

How do I Organise my Data?

  • Combining multiple members within a dimension to create a Group
  • Combining multiple Dimensions to Create a Hierarchy


How Does Tableau Deal with Dates?

  • Discrete and Continuous Dates
  • Custom Date

How do I analyse Multiple  Measure in the same Chart?

  • Measure Values and Measure Names
  • Multiple Measures Sharing a single Axis
  • Dual axis with multiple chart types
  • Scatter (XY) Plots

How can I map my data?

  • Navigation and Map Options
  • Geographic Groups and custom territories

How can I produce Tabular reports?

  • Creating Text Tables in Tableau
  • Adding insight with Highlight Tables

How do I make calculations on my data?

  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Working with Aggregations
  • String Calculations
  • Date Calculations

How do I create comparative Calculations?

  • Introduction to Table Calculations
  • Quick Table Calculations

How can I show Proportional Data?

  • Pie Charts
  • Tree Maps

How can I add reference Lines & Data?

  • Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands

How do I combine my analyses?

  • Creating Dashboards
    Making Dashboards Interactive with Actions
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