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SharePoint 2016 Users / Site Owners Training Course

Gain Sharepoint 2016 Skills - Maximise Document Sharing and Collaboration For Your Organisation

16 Sep London
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SharePoint 2016 Users / Site Owners training course (code: SHRPTUSER)


This Sharepoint 2016 training course is aimed at End Users and site owners with no previous experience of Sharepoint, who need to learn how to get going with Sharepoint 

The course is led by a consultant with real world experience of creating and maintaining Sharepoint iun the corporate workspace, and who will be able to add value by bringing this real world expertise into the classroom for everyone's benefit.

At the start, for those new to Sharepoint, we'll get started by examining SharePoint's fantastic selection of features. We will demonstrate popular uses of SharePoint Online to manage and share content, create engaging web page, automate business processes and make good business decisions with Business intelligence.

We will also discuss who will be the typical users in our sites and the role of the site collection administrator. Site Owners are trusted with functionality that in other business systems would normally only be available to developers. As a new Site Owner, we’re sure that you will be amazed with the potential that SharePoint Online has to offer an end user.


  • For people with no/limited experience of using SharePoint before this course can be run as a 3 day course with Day 1 covering basic end user role in SharePoint
  • People who have worked with previous versions of SharePoint or had basic experience as an end user of SharePoint (maybe just working with documents in sites) can benefit from a review of features or attend a shortened, 2 day session.



 0.    SharePoint 2016 Overview
    Key features
    On Premises and/or SharePoint Online
    The Server side Platform
    SharePoint Evolution
    On Premises Architecture
    IT administration and Content owners

1.  If you are new to Sharepoint

  • Introducing Office 365 and SharePoint
  • The cloud revolution
  • What is Office 365
  • What is SharePoint
  • Introducing Office 365 Groups
  • Getting started with Office 365
  • Login to Office 365
  • Using the app launcher
  • Office 365 settings
  • Delve
  • OneDrive

2.    Business challenges and Reasons for SharePoint
    Collaboration challenges
    Search, Versioning, Compliance, Backup

3.    Site and Sites Collections
    What is a SharePoint Site
    Classic vs Modern Interface
    Creating sites
    Site Templates

4.    Lists & Libraries
    List & Library settings & permissions
    Sharing and configuring
    Content types & creative views
    Validation settings & ratings
    Managing & Customising Lists & Libraries

5.    SharePoint Search
    Search Sharepoint sites
    Target search queries
    Create and manage terms
    Configure search behavious
    Customize search results
    Visibility and indexing for sites
    Search for people

6.    Security & Permissions
    Read, Edit, Design…

7.    SharePoint Site Customization
    Site title and logo

8.    Working with Pages
    Types of Pages
    Creating Wiki pages and wiki libraries
    New and useful Web Parts
    Publishing pages

9.    SharePoint Workflows
    Out of the box

10.    Optional/ additional topics:
    SharePoint Profiles and OneDrive
    Working with Publishing sites


Course Overview

Module 1 – Introduction to SharePoint 2013 Server
Module 2 – SharePoint Lists
Module 3 – SharePoint Search and Navigation
Module 4 – SharePoint and Microsoft Office Integration
Module 5 - SharePoint Content Types
Module 6 - SharePoint Workflows
Module 7 – MySites and SharePoint Social Networking
Module 8 – SharePoint Site Administration
Module 9 – SharePoint Site Customization
Module 10 – SharePoint Business Intelligence and Dashboards
Module 11 – SharePoint Security and Site Governance


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16th Sep 2019 - 3 days £1995

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