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Modelling and Data Preparation for Power BI training course

Learn how to model, cleanse and prepare data for use in Power BI

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Transform/present data to provide meaningful BI
  • Create the best model to optimize data analysis and Dashboard
  • Actualise a data model from multiple sources
  • Shape and filter tables to prepare for analyses by fixing common issues: duplicates, nulls, missing identity columns….
  • Shape your data by merging tables and integrating various data sources
  • Import your excel spreadsheets and combine them into an efficient model
  • Understand and solve real time scenarios like the use of different dates, events spreading in time etc
  • Automate data import and report refresh so that your dashboard always reflects the most updated results


This course will help Microsoft Power BI users in modelling and preparing their data for commercial use.

You may need to improve your data model and dedicate more attention in preparing your data in order to gain

  • Faster queries
  • Simpler DAX code
  • Easier maintenance

Well modelled, clean data will help produce high quality, dependable visualizations and reports.

A number of optional topics exist which can be requested for private courses, depending on your organisation's business requirements.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Quants, Data Scientists and Staff who already use Power BI

Developers and Super Users/ Power Users looking to get more out of Power BI

Note : This course requires delegates to run Power BI Desktop. Mac users must make arrangements to use a PC


4.8 out of 5 average

“Learning more about the query editor was very useful and especially the merge tables features. The Bookmarks section was very good and it was nice to see some really good examples of how it can be used to present your work. The presenter was very helpful and had great knowledge of Power BI."
AG, Business Analyst, Power BI Advanced, February  2021
JBI training course London UK

Data Modelling

The importance of Data Modelling: good models vs bad models

Optimal model: Star model

Denormalised model

Normalization vs Denormalization

Extreme Denormalization: working with one table

Finding balance between Normalised and “one Table schema”

Dimension tables

Fact table


Guidelines for Selecting Fact Table Granularity

Conformed dimensions

Data dimension

Common scenarios:

                Double fact table

                Multiple Fact table

                Multiple Date Dimensions

                Many to Many relationship

                Handle events spreading in time

Data Cleansing and preparation

Import data from different sources (excel, SQL, Web etc) into Query Editor

Cleanse data and apply transformation to remove common problems:


                Remove nulls

                Unpivot tables

                Create new columns

                Create conditional columns

Combine tables:



Introduction to M query language

                Advance Editor Language structure

                Create new query

                Create M function

Create and use Dataflow:

                Pro and cons of using Dataflow

Create a dataflow

                Cleanse data using Dataflow

                Connect PowerBi Desktop to dataflow



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