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Our BPM training course allows delegates to engage by relateing course topics to their own day-to-day practices and requirements. Business Process Management (BPM) sits between Management and Information Technology, incorporating tools and techniques to design, implement, control, and analyze Operational Business Processes - these typically involve people, entire organizations, software applications

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Next on 6th Jun 2022

JBI training course London UK

  • The fundamentals of Business Process Management
  • BPM Implementation Strategies
  • Process Modeling, Analysis & Design
  • Governance and Business strategy
  • Modeling a process with BPMN
  • Fault Handling and Exception Management
  • Learn Business Rules
  • BPM as enabler of SOA: Key components
  • Architecture of a BPM System
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Course Detail


A Brief History of Process
The Process Perspective
Process Management
Process Modeling Analysis & Design
Business Process Management Framework
Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)
Business Process Architecture

BPM Implementation Strategies

BPM Value Proposition
The BPM Communityo Why automating BPM?
Topology of a SOA reference architecture
BPM Vendors overviewo Positioning of BPM tools

Aligning IT and Business

When to choose a BPMS
IT and business must work hand in hand Matching the right technology to your problem
Adopting a development model
Overview of a BPM system
Terms and concepts

Understanding Basic Concepts and Architecture

Process Modeling
Process Analysis
Process Design
Components and structure of a BPMS
Enterprise Process Management Planning
Key Skills, Roles and Responsibilities

Governance and Business strategy

The personal perspective
Innovation, growth and flexibility
Convincing the CEO,CIO, and Business units
The past: data/functions vs objects & services
The future: core business logic vs process control
Design implications for Architects
Alignment of Business and IT
The Role of Business Stewardship
The Role of Business Rule Analysts

Modeling a process with BPMN

The added value of BPMN
Composability and basic services
Promoting an incremental and iterative approach
Why should Use Cases drive the project?
Declaration of message properties o Use of correlation sets
Develop a complex parallel execution of activitieso Designing concurrency
BPMN implemented by vendorso Example: Microsoft XLANG
Example: Oracle SOA Suite and BPEL4WS

Fault Handling and Exception Management

Defining Events
Configuring Timeouts
Handling Faults
Catching Exceptions
Compensation Management

Business Rules

Motivations for BRs
Basic Concepts
Rule Maturity Model (KPI RMM™)
KPI STEP™ Principles
New Roles of Business and I/T
The Business Focus in Business Ruleso When is a BR Approach Appropriate?
New Aspects for Scoping a BR Project
Key Elements of a BR Project Plan
The Role of a BR Pilot
Overview of Mining BRs from Code

BPM as enabler of SOA: Key components

Application frontends
Basic Services
The value of an ESB
Using a Repository
Increased agility for the businessThe BPM Board
Distributing technology white papers

Controlling & measuring improvement processes

Managing the repository
Setup of a quality gateway
The 4 pillars of success


The context of organizational performance
What makes a good metric
Measurement & management hierarchy
Process management: More than measurements
Metrics within processes Management roles in measurement
Management questions to be answered
Pitfalls of process management efforts

Architecture of a BPM System

EAI and B2B aspects
Topology and scalability
Design tools
Deployment tools
Monitoring and management
The process engine
Process definition repository
Transaction manager
Example Connector framework

Core BPMS features and Interfaces

Repository supporto Database support
The level of required customization
BPEL language compliance
Involvement of development languages
Human workflow solutions

Choosing the right approach

What BPM Approach is right for your project
Scope the rules in your project before starting
Plan the project for a BPM advantage
Attach business rules to process models
Craft a roadmap for your first BPM project

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Next on 6 Jun - see prices
JBI training course London UK

Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Process Engineers, System Analysts, Anyone who is involved in analysing and planning Business Processes.
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Next on 6 Jun - see prices

4.8 out of 5 average

Enquire & get a quote
Next on 6 Jun - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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