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Amazing training curse with lots of topics covered. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept me engages with everything, 

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About Java


Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It has evolved from humble beginnings to power a large share of today’s digital world, by providing the reliable platform upon which many services and applications are built. New, innovative products and digital services designed for the future continue to rely on Java, as well.

A Java training course introduces you to OO Programming with Java language.  We show you that while it is relatively easy to learn the basic syntax, effective use of Java requires understanding of the many features of the language. The new features introduced into Java 8 expand the opportunities offered by Java.

The introduction of lambda functions and streams support a functional programming style, as well as the traditional object oriented style and related concepts of Inheritance and the role of interfaces. The mixture of these allows faster, easier  programming, resulting in you being able to develop software that is more flexible and easier to maintain

  • An understanding of the Java environment design.
  • A good grasp of the basic syntax of the language, which is essential for the effective use of Java.
  • Experience in the use of object oriented technology.
  • Introduction to newer programming features, such as generics and lambda expressions
  • The essential features of the Swing packages and the Java event model used to process user interaction.
  • An understanding of how to use the JDBC to open a database connection, make and process queries.
  • An awareness of the basic classes needed for thread and networking programming.

What JAVA training course is right for you:  

If you are a Java developer,  the advanced Java training course is for experienced Java developers who need to go into more depth into the core features of the language that are not typically covered on basic Java programming courses. The course details subjects that get cursory coverage in most books and courses, like generics, multithreading, socket programming, synchronization, and annotation development and looks at how the Java 8 platform can be used to develop applications using these libraries and features.


What are basics of Java?

Sun Microsystems created the Java language. Java is a case-sensitive programming language, like C++. Java is an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) structure. Java is a class-based programming language. Java technology is used for developing both, applets and applications.

What is Java and how it works?

Java works by first compiling the source code into bytecode. Then, the bytecode can be compiled into machine code with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java's bytecode can run on any device with the JVM which is why Java is known as a “write once, run anywhere” language.

What Java is used for?

Java can be used to build applications for a wide range of platforms. Desktops, servers, mobile phones, tablets, Blu-ray players, televisions, and web browsers all use Java, and developers can write Java-based applications for any of these platforms.

Why is Java so popular?

One of the biggest reasons why Java is so popular is the platform independence. Programs can run on several different types of computer; as long as the computer has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, a Java program can run on it.

Most types of computers will be compatible with a JRE including PCs running on Windows, Macintosh computers, Unix or Linux computers, and large mainframe computers, as well as mobile phones.

Since it has been around for so long, some of the biggest organisations in the world are built using the language. Many banks, retailers, insurance companies, utilities, and manufacturers all use Java.

What is taught in Java?

Students in a Java programming class will learn about the software's interface and how to read complex data, create applications and graphic user interfaces. Java is a programming language related to C++ that helps the programmer create an interface for computer users.

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