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Jon founded JB international in 1995 and brought with him a wealth of experience as software development manager of a large corporate.

JBI Training is a trusted provider of First Rate Technical IT Training,

 "We have a very focused range of courses, and we deliver those courses well. Give us a call and you will be surprised at the personal touch, and how speedily, professionally and effectively we will handle your enquiry. Looking forward to hearing from you soon..." Jon




Mervyn has been with the company for 19 years and been in the IT Industry for nearly 30 years. An enthusiastic Senior Account Manager with excellent technical skills. Corporate clients trust Mervyn to deliver, every time. Fully committed to his client-base and family. Foreign language fluency includes Spanish and Mandarin.  

A recent client commented " 很高兴认识你,你的中文很流利,让我大吃一惊It was nice to meet you. You spoke fluent Chinese, which surprised me! "

Author of 'O Derry Boy' a book of Irish poetry and soon to be published second book.

 " The relationship with my client is based on one word ‘trust ‘, They trust that I will listen and understand their requirement. They trust me to recommend the best training solution. They trust that we will deliver.  If you are looking for a company that you can trust, then please get in touch.." Mervyn




Over 20 years experience in the IT world delivering complex technical solutions. A keen understanding of business and logistical issues along with technical requirements to projects and takes pride in delivering the best possible solutions with a simple and friendly approach .


" Whether an individual delegate or a large team, I will apply the same endeavour and professionalism to come up with the right solution every time! " Pavlos





Nigel has worked in IT Services & Solutions for the last 15 years providing services to a number of large corporate customers and more recently delivering niche skills to the Information Security Sector.


"I bring a good understanding of the growing need for specialist IT skills in organisations and the importance of meeting that need by developing skills in-house". Nigel




Bill has worked in IT Technical Training since the mid 1990's and brings a wealth of experience and a really nice touch to our client relationships.


"I try to get it right every time". Bill




Julie has worked in IT Services for over 5 years and brings enthusiasm and a sense of care and duty to do the very best for her clients..


"Always thinking things from the client's point of view". Julie


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