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HISTORY - training since 1995

A message from the MD

JBI Training is a long-standing, trusted provider of First Rate Technical IT Training.
The marketplace perceives us to be a "good quality Specialist"... which really captures what we are about.
We have a very focused range of courses, and we deliver those courses well.
Give us a call and you will be surprised at the personal touch, and how speedily, professionally and effectively we will handle your enquiry.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.... Jon

History of JBI Training

JB International was formed in 1995. The Company has become known for provision of the highest quality tutor-led training courses for Computer Programmers and Web Developers.

Some of our clients will remember our first course offerings in HTML and Java. Many of the UK's earliest web and Intranet systems were built by delegates who trained with JB International. Many of those web programmers now control leading eCommerce and eBusiness activity in the UK and are building sophisticated web-enabled applications to help their organisations take advantage of these new technologies.

As interest in web-enabled technologies increased through the late 1990's, JB International became much more focused and is now recognised as a leading specialist provider of technical training.



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