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Python for Data Analysts & Quants training course

Learn to use Python, Pandas and statistical computing libraries to analyse & visualize data and to gather actionable insights

4.8 out of 5 average

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"Python is the new Excel - essential skills for Banking & Data Analysis" - The Python Data Analytics training course will help you become fluent in the use of the Python programming language, with the purpose of automating tasks such as acquisition, cleaning and analysis of digital data.

Using interactive examples and hands-on exercises, the course covers the core concepts of Python programming, which provides participants with the foundations to achieve a high degree of independence and flexibility for their analysis process. It then continues with a focus on how Python tools and libraries like Pandas can help the audience performing data wrangling and data analysis effectively.

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Next on 20th Jun 2022

JBI training course London UK

  • Learn core concepts of the Python environment, language and data science
  • Use Python to get your Excel and SQL data in shape, and take advantage of its features and techniques to gain actionable Insights
  • Explore Python data science tools such as NumPy and Pandas  
  • Explore the opportunity to apply the proposed concepts on real data science applications
  • Acquire knowledge on how to access and clean/prepare data 
  • Use data analysis to perform the computation of summary information and basic statistics
  • Use effective data visualisation techniques to help you with complex data structures

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Environment Set-up

• The Anaconda distribution as Python Data Science platform
• Overview on Python virtual environment set-up
• Running Python code in Jupyter notebook

Python core concepts

• Built-in data types in Python
• Working with strings, numbers, lists, tuples and dictionaries
• Control flow statements
• Conditional execution with if statements
• Conditional loops with where statements
• Looping over a sequence with for statements
• Defining and using custom functions
• Working with dates and times
• Accessing data on file (CSV, JSON, ...)

Python Data Science libraries

• Working with data in pandas

  • Working with table-like data in pandas
  • Creating Series and DataFrame objects
  • Loading data from file into DataFrame objects
  • Adding, removing and updating databases

• Retrieving data in pandas

  • Querying data to extract specific rows and columns
  • Filtering data on specific conditions
  • Understanding pandas indexing

• Data manipulation in pandas

  • Data transformation
  • Applying functions to transform individual values
  • Applying functions to aggregate values by rows and columns


• Handling missing data in pandas

  • Identifying missing data points
  • Filtering out missing data
  • Filling missing data with given values, interpolation and other filling strategies

• Data Analysis in pandas

  • Extracting summary statistics over DataFrame objects
  • Performing data aggregation queries (groupby() method)
  • Aggregating multiple columns in the same query
  • Exploratory analysis of new datasets

• Data Visualisation in pandas

  • Plotting data from a Series or DataFrame object
  • Bar plots, line plots, scatter plots, histograms and other common charts
  • Basic customisation of charts

• Working with multiple tables

  • Concatenation of multiple tables based on structure/schema
  • Join/merge operations with DataFrame objects based on values
  • Reindexing operations, dealing with duplicate labels in the index
  • Dealing with duplicate records
  • Renaming columns

• Time Series with pandas

  • ◦ Working with date and time data types in pandas
  • Creating ranges of date/time data points
  • Indexing by time
  • Resampling: data aggregation over time
  • Moving window operations, e.g. moving average
  • Defining custom calendars, custom business days, custom holidays



• Working with text data in DataFrames

  • Using the str attribute in pandas objects
  • String manipulation functions in pandas
  • Filtering data with string pattern matching

• SQL databases

  • Connecting to SQL databases with SQLAlchemy
  • Loading data from SQL to pandas
  • Sending SQL queries to a database and retrieving the results in Python and pandas

• NumPy

  • Working with multi-dimensional arrays with NumPy
  • Arithmetic operations with NumPy arrays
  • Vectorised operations with NumPy arrays
  • Stats and linear algebra with NumPy
  • Slicing and indexing NumPy arrays

• Data Visualisation with matplotlib and plotly

  • Overview on the basic types of charts available with the Python libraries
  • Bar plots, line plots, histograms, scatter plots, pie charts
  • Customising the layout and format of a chart
  • Examples of static visualisation with matplotlib
  • Examples of interactive visualisation with plotly
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JBI training course London UK

Quants, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Financial Analysts, Researchers, Business Intelligence experts and Developers who are new to Python.

Software developers who are new to Python and Data Science or want to know more about the Python tools for Data Analysis.

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4.8 out of 5 average

"I hadn't integrated Pandas with Python before joining my company. So it's very useful to consolidate my understanding of such skill via this course. The Jupyter notebooks provided will be a valuable resource for revising the materials and are really well laid out." 

JL, Data Analyst, Python for Data Analytics, March 2021

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Next on 20 Jun - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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