Information Security training course

Information Security - Securing Data Across Common Platform & Production Systems

Next 24 May (Remote)
2 days £1,500.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Organisational and operational processes to secure data
  • General and next generation security concepts
  • The different threats
  • The approach to secure a network infrastructure
  • Examples of Good/Bad security related incidents


Our Information Security training course is expert led and will allow you to gain first hand experience and an understanding of Information Security threats and protection needs and the principles of Implementing, Sustaining & Improving Information Security for your organisation

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

IT Staff who need to understand Information Security concepts and threats and the impact on their organisations


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  • Information Security Threats Overview
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  • including (D)DoS and IDS/IPS Bypass
  • Advanced Persistent Threats, Trojans & Back-Doors
  • Security Standards, Policies, Compliance & Training
  • Information Security Architecture
  • Security Partitioning and Information Systems Security EngineeringSecure Identification and Configuration Management
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  • Business Continuity, Corrective Security Controls, Incident Response and Recovery,
  • Resilience, Backups and Cloud Computing Security
  • Future Security Trends: IoT, Big Data, Security Automation & Robot
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