Kubernetes training course

Use Kubernetes for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Next 15 February (Remote)
2 days £1,495.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  •     Understand how to package apps into Linux containers
  •     Get familiar with Kubernetes core components
  •     Build your local three-node cluster using kubeadm
  •     Take down one node at the time and test the fault tolerance
  •     Map the end-to-end journey of network packets from the internet into your apps
  •     Expose your services using load balancers and ingress controllers 
  •     Deploy package apps into a cluster
  •     Manage database clustering using operators
  •     Understand how to create your Kubernetes network and connect multiple clusters
  •     Practice deploying databases and stateful applications
  •     Acquire the skill to not repeat yourself using an engine to template resources


This training course covers the fundamentals needed to understand Kubernetes. It will get you quickly up-to-speed to start building distributed applications that will scale, be fault-tolerant and be simple to manage.

From understanding its origin to its high-level architecture, powerful API and key primitives – this course takes you from nothing to being able to start building complex applications.

Kubernetes builds on many years of Google’s experience managing containerised applications. With a growing open-source community, it is poised to change the way we build and manage applications, as well as change the role of system administrators.

This course will distill key principles such as pods, deployments, replica sets and services, and will give you enough information to start using Kubernetes on your own.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers and Systems Administrators looking for an introduction to  Kubernetes - A Linux and Docker background is useful


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Docker and Linux container technology

  •  Docker containers lifecycle
  •  Working with Docker images
  •  Network communication between containers
  •  Persistence of data in containers
  •  Container orchestration requirements and available options
  •  Introduction to Kubernetes and other orchestration systems
  •  Kubernetes core concepts: Pods, Labels, Controllers, Services, Secretes, Persistent Data Volumes, Claims, Namespaces, Quotas
  •  Kubernetes reference architecture and its main components
  •  Containers network model in Kubernetes


  • Service discovery, scaling and load balancing
  • DNS for service discovery
  • Ingress controller and reverse proxy
  • Persistence of application state and the data volume model in Kubernetes
  • Storage backend in Kubernetes: local, NFS, GlusterFS, Ceph
  • Cluster management
  • Deployment of applications and services on a Kubernetes cluster
  •  Advanced controllers: Daemon Sets and Stateful Sets


  • Job and Cron jobs
  • Standalone pods
  • Storage Classes and Dynamic Storage provisioning
  • Network policies
  • Securing a Kubernetes cluster
  • Authentication, Authorization and Access Control
  • Control Plane High Availability
  • Auto Scaling
  • Cluster monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
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