Oracle Backup & Recovery Essentials training course

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the backup and recovery of Oracle Database

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JBI training course London UK

Review the Oracle database architecture
Understand backup and recovery requirements
Perform different types of backups
Perform recovery of the different database file types



This short Oracle Database Recovery Manager training course / Workshop will provide a comprehensive understanding of the backup and recovery topic.  The workshop has an emphasis on the practical requirements for implementing a backup strategy using Recovery Manager (RMAN).  The course is suitable for versions of Oracle database up to and including

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

This course is for administrators and support staff


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•    Oracle Architecture Review                                                                    
            Oracle Components
            The Oracle Instance
            The Oracle Database
            Oracle Processes
            The Listener

•    Backup Management                                                                                                       
            Understanding ARCHIVELOG Mode
            Understanding Recovery Manager (RMAN)
            Persistent Configuration Parameters
            Performing Backups
•    Restore and Recovery Concepts
Complete Recovery (Overview)
Instance Failure and Instance/Crash Recovery
Restoring and Recovering
Point-in-Time Recovery (Overview)
Recovery with the RESETLOGS Option
Media Failure
•    Performing Recovery
Performing Point-in-Time (PITR) or Incomplete Recovery
Recovery with Image Files
Performing Complete Recovery
Restoring ASM Disk Groups
Redo Log File Loss and Recovery
Restoring RMAN Encrypted Backups
Recovery of Server Parameter File, Control File
Restoring the Database to a New Host
Disaster Recovery
Index, Read-Only Tablespace and Tempfile Recovery
Password Authentication File Re-creation
•    Using Flashback Technologies
Using Flashback Technology to Query Data
Flashback Drop and the Recycle Bin
Flashback Transaction (Query and Backout)
Flashback Technology: Overview and Setup
Flashback Table
Flashback Data Archive
•    Using Flashback Database
Configuring Flashback Database
Flashback Database Architecture
Best Practices for Flashback Database
Performing Flashback Database
•    Performing Point-in-Time Recovery
Performing RMAN TS Point-in-time Recovery
When to use TSPITR
Recovering Tables from Backups
TSPITR Architecture


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