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Docker training course

Learn Docker and simplify the development and deployment of software projects. Build, ship, and run distributed applications on this popular open platform utilising container technology

JBI training course London UK

"I like the way the complexity around Docker was explained, it definitely made things easier to understand. The trainer was thorough and engaging." 

CT, Software developer, Docker, April 2021

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JBI training course London UK

  • Build, ship and run distributed applications on an open platform
  • Learn to easily assemble multi-platform apps from components
  • Learn to install Docker
  • Gain an introduction to container technology
  • Explore the container life cycle – create and run containers 
  • Understand how to 'Dockerize' applications
  • Manage, deploy and find images
  • Learn about the networking of containers
  • Create and manage custom networks
  • Explore data in containers and data volumes 



Docker 1

Installation of Docker

  • Installation on Ubuntu and Windows
  • Using Docker Machine for host provisioning
  • Docker Machine drivers for cloud providers

Container life cycle

  • Creating and running containers
  • Stopping and restarting
  • Investigating a container
  • Viewing the logs
  • Looking at processes
  • Removing a container and its data
  • Dockerizing applications

  • The hello world example
  • Interactive Bash container
  • Building an image by committing changes
  • Building an image from a Dockerfile
  • Automated builds based on GitHub
  • Running more than one process in a container
  • gosu helper tool
  • Running a webapp in a single container
  • Running a webapp in micro services architecture

Docker 2

Managing images

  • Finding and downloading existing images
  • Docker Hub and local repository
  • Sharing images with others
  • Deploying a private image repository

Networking of containers

  • Port mapping
  • Container linking and naming
  • Creating and managing custom networks
  • Network over many Docker hosts

Data in containers

  • Data volumes
  • Host directories and files as data volume
  • Data volume containers
  • Data volumes shared between Docker Hosts
  • Backup and restore of data volumes
JBI training course London UK

IT Managers, Developers and Systems Administrators looking for an introduction to Docker - A Linux background is useful

5 star

4.8 out of 5 average

"I like the way the complexity around Docker was explained, it definitely made things easier to understand. The trainer was thorough and engaging." 

CT, Software developer, Docker, April 2021

“JBI  did a great job of customizing their syllabus to suit our business  needs and also bringing our team up to speed on the current best practices. Our teams varied widely in terms of experience and  the Instructor handled this particularly well - very impressive”

Brian F, Team Lead, RBS, Data Analysis Course, 20 April 2022



JBI training course London UK



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Our Docker training course will show you how to easily assemble multi-platform apps from components in a DevOps environment. This will let developers, testers and system administrators work together seamlessly to ensure smooth implementation through continuous integration and delivery.

Linux containers are changing the way companies think about service development and deployment. Containers play a vital role in the modern data centre, and Docker is leading the way.

This course covers all the core features of Docker including container creation and management, interacting with Docker hub, using Dockerfile to create and manage custom images, advanced Docker networking (how to safely expose container services to the world and link containers), the use of Docker volumes to manage persistent data, and Docker Compose to build multi-container applications.

Emphasis is placed on best practices and how to secure Docker installations and containers. The course includes comprehensive labs where delegates use Docker, Git and a continuous integration server to automate the testing of containerised applications.

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