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Google Cloud Platform training course

Develop Cloud-Based Solutions with Google's Cloud Platform

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This course provides advanced-level training on Machine Learning applications developed with Python.

This instructor-led course introduces you to concepts and best practices for developing applications with Google Cloud Platform.

Through a combination of presentations, demos and hands-on labs, participants learn how to develop cloud-based applications using Google App Engine Standard Environment, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Endpoints, and Google Cloud Repositories.

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Next on 23rd May 2022

JBI training course London UK

•    Build scalable and reliable applications using Google App Engine Standard Environment.
•    Leverage Google Cloud Endpoints to implement, deploy, and manage API backends.
•    Create microservice-based applications using App Engine services.
•    Manage application security, versioning, deployment, and monitoring.
•    Store application data, optimize query performance, and use transactions in Google Cloud Datastore.
•    Provide improved performance and capacity with Memcache and instance scaling.

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Module 1: Developing Solutions with Google Cloud Platform

  • Benefits of Google Cloud Platform.
  • Development tools and services for Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Cloud Platform solution architectures.
  • Lab: Google Cloud Source Repositories.

Module 2: Google Cloud Endpoints

  • Cloud Endpoints features.
  • Developing APIs using Cloud Endpoints.
  • Accessing Cloud Endpoints APIs using JavaScript clients.
  • Lab

Module 3: App Engine Services

  • Modular application design and App Engine services.
  • Deploying services.
  • Accessing App Engine services.
  • Lab: Google App Engine Services.

Module 4: User Authentication and Credentials

  • Authentication and authorization concepts.
  • Securing access through application configuration.
  • Authentication with the Users service.
  • Authorization with API keys, OAuth, and application default credentials.
  • Lab: User Authentication.

Module 5: Managing App Engine Applications

  • Deploying and managing multiple application versions.
  • Traffic splitting, incremental rollouts, and canary releases.
  • Budgets and quotas.
  • Stackdriver logging and application tracing.
  • Lab: Managing Google App Engine Applications.

Module 6: Storage for Solution Developers

  • Functionality and benefits of Cloud Platform storage options.
  • Using Google Cloud Storage for immutable BLOB storage.
  • Integrating Google Cloud SQL into App Engine Apps.
  • Cloud Datastore fundamentals.
  • Lab: Google Cloud Datastore.

Module 7: Queries and Indexes

  • Implementing query filters with Cloud Datastore.
  • Single-property and composite indexes.
  • Configuring and optimizing indexes.
  • Lab: Google Cloud Datastore Queries and Indexes.

Module 8: Entity Groups, Consistency, and Transactions

  • Strong and eventual consistency in Cloud Datastore.
  • Ensuring strongly consistent queries.
  • Best practices for Cloud Datastore transactions.
  • Lab: Google Cloud Datastore Transactions.

Module 9: App Engine Performance and Optimization

  • Memcache use cases and implementation patterns.
  • Manual, basic, and automatic scaling behavior.
  • Configuring application scaling.
  • Lab: Google App Engine Performance and Optimization.

Module 10: Task Queues

  • Push and pull queue capabilities and configuration.
  • Adding and consuming tasks with push and pull queues.
  • Scheduling tasks with the Cron Service.
  • Lab: Task Queue API.
  • Lab: Deleting Google Cloud Platform Projects and Resources.
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JBI training course London UK

This course is intended for experienced application developers who want to learn how to migrate applications to the cloud or create native, cloud-based applications on Google Cloud App Engine.

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Next on 23 May - see prices

4.8 out of 5 average

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Next on 23 May - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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