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Use the Ionic Framework to build robust, silky smooth hybrid mobile apps

26 Aug London
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Ionic training course (code: Ionic)


Our Ionic training course shows you how the latest version of Ionic is used to develop apps for the Apple App and Google Play mobile app stores. Thorough grounding in best practices, performance and coding for maintainability are covered. As much hands-on coding as possible means delegates will be very well equipped to develop serious scalable mobile app projects.

Ionic provides tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using Web technologies like CSS, HTML5, and Sass. Apps can be built with these Web technologies and then distributed through native app stores to be installed on devices by leveraging Cordova.


A good understanding of Angular is essential to get the most out of this course. No prior iOS or Android programming experience is necessary, though an understanding of the mobile ecosystem really helps. Delegates should sign up for free developer accounts with either platform before attending the course.


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Where Ionic Fits

•    Comparing Ionic to native iOS and Android development
•    Single-code-base advantages
•    How modular Angular architecture underpins app development
•    Typical workflow and tool-chain development
•    The importance of scalability, maintainability and testability
•    Overview of submitting to app stores

Introducing Ionic

•    How Ionic and Cordova make web technologies work as a native app
•    Installing NodeJS, Ionic and Cordova
•    Creating projects for iOS, Android and other platforms
•    Following best practice for a particular platform

Binding to Data

•    Evaluating expressions
•    Binding to attributes, properties and styles
•    One-way and two-way binding

Ionic Components

•    Action sheets, Alerts and Badges
•    Interactive elements and forms
•    Menus, Tabs, Views and Navigation
•    Routing, Inputs, Outputs and custom events
•    Template syntax, repeaters and conditional content
•    Grids, Cards, Lists and Layout

Forms and Validation

•    Ionic form fields, date-pickers, selection options etc.
•    Validation feedback and user experience
•    Binding form field values to data models

Adding Native Functionality

•    Ionic Native
•    Using the native Camera, Geolocation, Maps, Calendar etc.
•    Promises and Observables
•    Device-specific issues
•    Running an App in the background
•    A few things Ionic cannot do

Accessing Device Features

•    Invoking device sensors and capabilities
•    Network detection
•    Practical memory and resource considerations

Working with Data

•    Making calls for external resources
•    Passing parameters out to servers
•    Persistent and transient storage
•    Managing state

Debugging Tools and Techniques

•    Runtime diagnostics
•    Serving to devices and emulators
•    Browser-based tools

Theming and Style Guides

•    Managing an app theme
•    Using SASS variables
•    Platform styles
•    Icons and Glyphs

The Command Line Interface (CLI)

•    Powerful CLI features
•    Creating a starter project with the CLI
•    Generating pages, components and providers from the command line


•    Karma and Protractor
•    Selenium testing server and Jasmine
•    Overview of approaches to testing

Production build

•    Development and Production modes
•    Configuring an automatic build chain
•    Optimizing for production

  • Where Ionic Fits
  • Introducing Ionic
  • Binding to Data
  • Ionic Components
  • Forms and Validation
  • Adding Native Functionality
  • Accessing Device Features
  • Working with Data
  • Debugging Tools and Techniques
  • Theming and Style Guides
  • The Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Testing
  • Production build

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26th Aug 2019 - 5 days £2500

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