React Native training course

Create High Performance Mobile Apps with React Native

Next 16 August (Remote)
3 days £2,000.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to React Native
  • Create high-performance mobile apps with React Native
  • Acquire skills in the whole React Native building process
  • Learn to render, create and host
  • Build a simple new app
  • Create components for Mobile, Android / iOS 
  • Compare HTML elements with native components 
  • Declare and manipulate styles
  • Work with platform APIs and use Geolocation 
  • Learn about modules for iOS and Android 
  • Explore React Native debugging and developer tools
  • Deploy, prepare and launch 


This hands-on course introduces React Native for rapid app development on Android and iOS, and will get you up and running very quickly.

Learn the key skills you need to understand and build React Native components for mobile devices.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

This hands on course introduces React Native for rapid app development on Android and iOS.

Good React experience is essential for this course.


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Introducing React Native

  • Advantages of React Native 
    •    Developer Experience 
    •    Code Reuse and Modularization 

Working with React Native

  • Rendering Lifecycle 
    •    Creating Components in React Native 
    •    Working with Views 
    •    Using JSX 
    •    Styling Native Components 
    •    Host Platform APIs 

Building a Simple Application

  • Setting Up the Environment 
    •    Installing React Native 
    •    iOS Dependencies 
    •    Android Dependencies 
    •    Creating a New Application 
    •    Running a React Native Application for iOS 
    •    Uploading to a Device 
    •    Running a React Native Application for Android 
    •    Attaching a Component to the View 
    •    Imports in React Native 
    •    Handling User Input 
    •    Displaying Data 
    •    Adding a Background Image 
    •    Fetching Data from the Web 

Components for Mobile

  • Comparing HTML Elements with Native Components 
    •    The Text and Image Components
    •    Working with Touch and Gestures 
    •    Using TouchableHighlight 
    •    The GestureResponder System 
    •    PanResponder 
    •    Working with Organizational Components 
    •    Using ListView and Navigators 
    •    Platform-Specific Components 
    •    iOS and Android-Specific Components 
    •    Components with Platform-Specific Versions 


  • Declaring and Manipulating Styles 
    •    Inline Styles and Styling with Objects 
    •    Using Stylesheet.Create 
    •    Style Concatenation 
    •    Organization and Inheritance 
    •    Exporting Style Objects 
    •    Passing Styles as Props 
    •    Reusing and Sharing Styles 
    •    Positioning and Designing Layouts 
    •    Layouts with Flexbox 
    •    Using Absolute Positioning 

Platform APIs

  • Using Geolocation 
    •    Getting the Device Location 
    •    Handling Permissions 
    •    Accessing Images and Camera 
    •    The CameraRoll Module 
    •    Requesting Images with GetPhotoParams 
    •    Displaying a List of Photos 
    •    Storing Persistent Data with AsyncStore 
    •    Other Storage Options 


  • Installing JavaScript Libraries with npm 
    •    Native Modules for iOS 
    •    Using the Video Component 
    •    Native Modules for Android 

Debugging and Developer Tools

  • JavaScript Debugging
    •    Activating the Developer Options 
    •    Debugging with console.log 
    •    Working with the React Developer Tools 
    •    React Native Debugging Tools 
    •    Using Inspect Element 
    •    The React Native Packager 
    •    Testing Your Code 


  • Preparing the Project 
    •    Selecting Supported Devices and Target Versions
    •    Launch Screen Images 
    •    Adding an Application Icon 
    •    Setting a Bundle Name 
    •    Updating AppDelegate.m 
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