Behaviour Driven Development training course

Use UML to help everyone understand, explain and document the requirements and design of software and business processes

Next 26 April (Remote)
1 days £999.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • History and reasons for BDD
  • Discovering User Stories
  • Specifying Scenarios
  • Test Driven Development vs BDD
  • TDD in a BDD Way
  • Specifications by Example
  • Tools such as Cucumber
  • BDD and Cucumber
  • Gherkin
  • BDD and SpecFlow


The BDD workshop focuses on providing a shared approach to communicating with the software developers, business analysts and stakeholders on software development, with the aim of delivering products with high business value. Participants will understand how BDD simplifies evolving lean, valuable, useful, fully specified software.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers, Analytsts, Team Leaders, Testers, IT Managers and anyone involved in the SDLC.


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•    BDD - Key features
•    Origin of BDD
•    BDD Practices
•    Agile BDD
•    Agile Manifesto and BDD
•    Focus on WHAT a system should do
•    Providing better readability and visibility.
•    Does the software meet customer expectations?

Discovering User Stories

•    Quick introduction to User Story Mapping
•    Crafting INVEST User Stories
•    Defining SMART Acceptance Criteria

Specifying Scenarios

•    Importance of Scenarios
•    Effective Collaboration techniques to flush out valid scenarios
•    Documenting scenarios
•    Best practices for writing meaningful scenarios

Test Driven Development

•    Why Testing?
•    Challenges with Test-Last Approach
•    Test-First Approach
•    Red-Green-Refactor Cycle
•    TDD Process Steps
•    Advantages of TDD
•    Disadvantages of TDD
•    Misconceptions about TDD
•    Acceptance TDD
•    TDD vs BDD

TDD in a BDD Way

•    Story and Scenarios
•    Development Cycle

Specifications by Example

•    Specification by Example – Overview
•    Use of SbE
•    Advantages of SbE
•    Applications of SbE
•    SbE and Acceptance Testing
•    SbE - A Set of Process Patterns
•    Collaborative Specification
•    Illustrating Specification using Examples
•    Refining the Specification
•    Automating Examples
•    Validating Frequently
•    Living Documentation
•    Anti-patterns
•    Solution to the Problems - Quality
•    Tools


•    Cucumber
•    SpecFlow
•    Lettuce

BDD and Cucumber

•    Typical Cucumber Acceptance Test
•    Working of Cucumber
•    Mapping Steps and Step Definitions


•    Gherkin Format and Syntax

BDD and SpecFlow

•    Feature Elements and SpecFlow
•    Multiple Scenario Steps
•    Tags
•    Scenario Outlines

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