MongoDB training course

Get Into NoSQL Databases -Use MongoDB For Rapid Modern Web Application Development

Next 12 April (Remote)
2 days £1,750.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Learn how to Installing Mongo
  • Gain an Introduction to Mongo
  • Explore Conceptual overview
  • Think in documents and collections
  • Learn about Mongo CLI
  • Make a Collection in Mongo CLI
  • Store, retrieve and modify documents
  • Use Mongo with NodeJS
  • Utilise Mongoose with NodeJS
  • Learn Mongo as an API
  • Explore Data integrity and security
  • Learn to build Build an app
  • Understand Optimisation and Performance at Scale
  • Learn Schema Design, Relational data and Aggregation
  • Utilise Clusters and Sharding


In this Mongo training course you will learn to install, manage and talk to a Mongo database. You will learn the fundamentals of document storage, and will build a complete app with Mongo as a back end. Mongo is a massively scalable, extremely fast, document oriented NoSQL database that plays especially nicely with NodeJS.  Schemaless databases allow you to stay agile, new data just slots in. Because your data is stored in JSON, your app will require dramatically less wiring code between your front end and API. Your database effectively becomes your API. 

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Web and IT professionals who know Javascript and wish to progress and take advantage of the latest libraries.


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Installing Mongo

  • Introduction
  • Conceptual overview
  • Thinking in documents and collections

Mongo CLI

  • Using the Mongo CLI
  • Making a Collection
  • Storing a document
  • Retrieving a document
  • Modifying a document

Mongo with NodeJS

  • Mongoose
  • Mongo as an API
  • Data integrity
  • Data security
  • Building an app

Optimisation and Performance at Scale

  • Schema Design
  • Relational data
  • Aggregation
  • Clusters and Sharding - conceptual overview


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