Java 8 New features & Best Practices training course

Make The Most Of Java 8's features and build robust, high performance Enterprise applications

Next 10 May (Remote)
2 days £1,500.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • What is Java 8? and what tools are available
  • Use and learn lambda expressions
  • Understand method and constructor references
  • Learn to Define and use functional interfaces
  • Use sequential and parallel streams
  • Use various API enhancements and collections
  • Some additional bits 'n' pieces


Our Java 8 New Features training course shows how the language can offer a wide range of new possibilities for software development. While it is easy to learn the basic syntax, effective use of Java requires understanding of the many features of the language. The new features introduced into Java 8 expand the opportunities offered by Java. The introduction of lambda functions and streams support a functional programming style, as well as the traditional object oriented style and related concepts of Inheritance and the role of interfaces.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Java Programmers needing to improve productivity and best practice  with the major enhancements brought in through Java 8


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Setting the scene

  • What is Java 8
  • Where can I get it
  • What tools are available

Lambda expressions

  • What are lambda expressions
  • Formal syntax for lambda expressions
  • Lambda expression simple syntax
  • Lambda expressions that return a value
  • Lambda expressions with multiple arguments
  • Lambda expressions and scope
  • Common usage scenarios

Method enhancements

  • Method references
  • Constructor references
  • Default methods
  • Static methods in interfaces

New functional interfaces

  • Function
  • Predicate
  • Consumer
  • Supplier
  • BinaryOperator
  • Additional new functional interfaces


  • Sequential vs. parallel streams
  • Immediate vs. terminal operations
  • Stream example
  • Lazy evaluation
  • A closer look at immediate and terminal operations
  • Primitive-specialized streams

Enhanced collections API

  • Iteration
  • New methods in List
  • New methods in Map

Enhanced concurrency API

  • ConcurrentHashMap
  • CompletableFuture
  • CountedCompleter
  • Adders and accumulators
  • Additional new features

Some additional bits 'n' pieces

  • Time
  • IO / NIO additions
  • Reflection and annotation changes
  • Nashorn JavaScript Engine


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