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Tableau Analyst - Beyond the Basics training course

Create dynamic dashboards from cross data sources. Use advanced calculations and leverage trends, data distribution and forecasting to gain greater data insights.

4.8 out of 5 average

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Our intermediate Tableau training course goes "Beyond-the Basics" and shows experienced Tableau data analysts how to get to the next level.

Having a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of Tableau worksheets and dashboards you will learn how to use advanced calculations, data trends, distributions and forecasting as well as advanced visualisation techniques to expertly create dynamic and engaging dashboards to extract greater insights and better decision making from your cross-database and blended data sources.  

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Next on 3rd Jun 2022

JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an insight into the more advanced functionality of Tableau
  • Extract further business intelligence insights adding value to your data
  • Integrate and blend cross-database data and blend data sources 
  • Subset, Field, Table and LOD (Level of Detail) calculations 
  • Use parameters to make dynamic outputs. 
  • Maps and Images customisation
  • Trends, data distribution and forecasting
  • Advanced dashboards and data storytelling
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What Should I already Know?


Query Sequence

Dashboard Revision

Measure Values and Measure Names Dates

What Ways Can I Connect To My Data?

Using Data Sources and Connections

Comparing Data Connection Options


Joining Tables

Cross Database Joins

How Data Blending Works

Using Data Blending

Exploring Effect of Primary Data Source Selection


How Do I Create Calculated Subsets of Data?

Using Sets

Showing the Biggest and the Smallest

Nested Top N with Context

Nested Top N with Rank

How Do Calculations Work And What Is LOD?

Understanding Where Calculations Occur

Creating and Editing Calculated Fields

Join Calculations

Calculations and Aggregations

Calculations Performed on the Database

Calculation and Aggregation in Overall Profitability

Aggregating Dimensions in Calculations

Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions


How Can I Define Table Calculations?

Table Calculation Overview

Table Calculation Scope and Direction

Other Scope and Direction Options

Null Values in Table Calculations

Profitability as a Percent of Total

Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis

Moving Average

How Can I make Things Dynamic?

Using Parameters

Parameters and Filters

Dynamic Measure Selection and Reference Line

How Do I Create Data Extracts?

Using Data Extracts

How Do I Compare Progress?

Comparing Two Measures (Bar in Bar Graph)

Bar in Bar Chart

Comparing Progress Toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)

How Do I Customise Maps and Use Images?

Navigation and Selection in Maps

Background Maps and Layers

Modifying Geocode Locations within Tableau

Using Background Images for Spatial Analysis

Background Images

Using Spatial Files for Mapping


How Is My Data Distributed?

Bins and Histograms

Box and Whisker Plots

How Can I See and Use Trends In My Data?

Trend Lines

Using the Analytics Pane

Trend Lines with Small Multiples


Forecast Field Results

Forecast Options

Improving Dashboards and Telling Data Stories

Planning Your Dashboard

Building Your Dashboard: Advanced Techniques

Adding Interactivity to Your Dashboard

Applying Visual Best Practices

Creating a Dashboard

Navigating Between Dashboards

Device Specific Dashboards

Telling Stories with Data


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JBI training course London UK


Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists and Staff who need to use Tableau for producing reports from Excel, SQL Server and other databases.

Learn to build Dashboards like this - Typically used for CFO Dashboards, Revenue & Profitability, Expense Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Sales, Stock Control, Risk & Compliance Analysis...


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4.8 out of 5 average

"The beyond the basics course supplied a fantastic step up from my existing Tableau knowledge, so I am now able to use data stories, maps, images and other visual methods for data analysis."

ML, Data Analyst, Tableau - Beyond the Basics, March 2021

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Next on 3 Jun - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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