REST Services using Web API training course

Implementing REST Services using Web API

Next 12 April (Remote)
5 days £2,495.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Create REST services using Web API
  • Learn Advanced Web API 2 techniques
  • Use API architecture and modelling concepts
  • Work with OData: define and configure 
  • The importance of Hypermedia in REST
  • Learn how to Build secure REST services
  • Implement Quality of Service features
  • Deploy and host REST services


REST has emerged in recent years as a tremendously important vehicle for creating flexible and standards-based Web services.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

.NET developers looking to create REST applications with Web API


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Essential Concepts

  •     Overview of REST
  •     HTTP methods, requests, responses, and headers
  •     Creating a simple REST service using Web API

Web API 2 Techniques

  •     Managing flexible HTTP requests and responses
  •     Dependency injection
  •     HTTP message handlers
  •     Filters
  •     File uploading

Model Binding

  •     REST and MIME types
  •     Content negotiation
  •     Media formatters for XML, JSON, and BSON
  •     Creating a custom model formatter
  •     Configuration

REST Clients

  •     Consuming REST services in .NET
  •     Consuming REST services in web and mobile clients
  •     Additional types of client

Managing Routes

  •     Web API routing mechanisms
  •     Route parameters
  •     Best practices for designing APIs and routes
  •     Architectural considerations and best practice

Working with OData

  •     Overview of OData
  •     Defining a data model
  •     Configuring an OData endpoint
  •     Implement CRUD operations
  •     Advanced techniques

Building Hypermedia-Driven REST Services

  •     Overview of Hypermedia
  •     Understanding HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) constraints
  •     Understanding HAL (Hypertext Application Language)
  •     Implementing Hypermedia solutions using Web API


  •     Using SSL and HTTPs
  •     Authentication and authorization options
  •     ASP.NET identity
  •     Using OAuth2
  •     Using Windows Azure ACLs
  •     Enabling Cross-Origin requests
  •     Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack

Practical Considerations

  •     Documenting a REST API
  •     Logging
  •     Error handling
  •     Testing
  •     Performance
  •     Scalability
  •     Versioning

Deployment and Hosting

  •     Deployment to IIS
  •     Deployment to Windows Azure
  •     Self-hosting using OWIN





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