RxJava training course

Use JavaRx to compose robust event-based Java applications

Next 10 May (Remote)
3 days £1,800.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • An introduction to RxJava with Observables
  • The Reactive Manifesto: Overview of Reactive Systems
  • Learn RxJava architectural patterns
  • Working with observable data sources
  • Use Functional programming with Essential concepts 
  • Learn about Concurrency and core concepts 
  • Learn to Manage data throughput and Throttling


Our RxJava training course will introduce you to the Reactive Extensions library for the JVM which makes it easy to compose asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences of data in Java applications. This course takes a detailed look at the RxJava API and explores various patterns and techniques to ensure you make the most of concurrency, parallelism, and data throttling.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Java Developers wishing to learn how to use the RxJava API


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Introduction to RxJava

  •     Overview of Reactive Systems
  •     Overview of RxJava
  •     Going Further with RxJava Observables

Functional Programming

  •     Essential Concepts
  •     Functional Programming in Java

A Closer Look at Observables

  •     Observable Data Sources
  •     Defining a Custom Observer
  •     Defining Custom Call-back Semantics
  •     Hot and Cold Observables

Manipulating Data

  •     Filtering and Fetching Items
  •     Transforming Items
  •     Accumulating Values

Combinators, Conditionals and Error Handling

  •     Combining Observables
  •     Conditional Operators
  •     Handling Errors

Concurrency and Parallelism

  •     Core Concepts
  •     A Closer Look at Schedulers
  •     Types of Schedulers Available

Managing Data Throughput

  •     Understanding the Problem
  •     Throttling
  •     Using Buffers and Windows
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