Asynchronous and Parallel training course

Learn To Imrove .NET Application Performance With Asynchronous & Parallel Programming Skills

Next 10 May (Remote)
3 days £1,800.00 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Utilise Visual Studio .NET to develop applications to use asynchronous
  • Understand the alternative approaches to asynchronous programming
  • Learn differences between Tasks and Threads
  • Understand the need for and use of synchronization
  • Use Asynchronous Programming with Tasks
  • Understand Parallel programming techniques available within .NET


This .NET Asynchronous and parallel training course has been specifically designed to address the requirements of developers who wish to take advantage of multiprocessor machines or machines with multiple cores.  As chip manufacturers emphasize the development of processors with multiple cores, there is an increasing need to utilise multiple threads.

Using .NET framework delegates will be introduced to concepts and techniques required to process multiple operations simultaneously either using asynchronous or parallel techniques. The course will contain a substantial amount of Hands-On work in which delegates will work on practical exercises which will reflect commercial scenarios.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers who wish to create commercial Asynchronous and/or Multithreaded Applications using the .NET Framework


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Asynchronous and Parallel Programming Introduction

What is Asynchronous Programming?
Asynchronous Programming and Multithreading?
.NET Support for Asynchronous Programming
What is Parallel Programming?
Parallel Programming Options

Overview of Asynchronous Options

Asynchronous Programming Model (APM)
Event Asynchronous Pattern (EAP)
Task Asynchronous Pattern (TAP)

Task Asynchronous Pattern

Asynchronous support in .NET Framework
Use of async/await keywords
Asynchronous File Handling
Use of Async in Web Applications
Use of Async in Windows Applications
Use of Tasks
Defining Asynchronous Methods
Good Practice

Asynchronous Programming with Tasks

Tasks vs Threads
Creating Tasks
Using Tasks
Task Continuation
Synchronization within Tasks
Task Parallel Library
Error Handling

Parallel Programming

Task Parallel Library vs Parallel LINQ
Use of AsParallel
Parallel.For and Parallel.ForEach
Error Handling
Parallel Tools (Visual Studio Ultimate)


Synchronisation Issues
Monitors vs SemaphoreSlim
Issues with GUI threading (ASP.NET/WinForms/WPF)
Creating Delegates
Using Dispatcher
Using Interlocked



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