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Typescript with React & Redux training course

Make your React apps more stable, readable and manageable

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Review Modern JavaScript
  • Gain an introduction to TypeScript
  • Install and Prepare a TypeScript Project
  • Discuss Node's functionality and how to install it
  • Explore the React template language and JavaScript-based template language: JSX
  • Manage states in React: set and change the application state
  • Build blocks of modern web applications with components 
  • Utilise Redux State management with pure functions 
  • Explore Developer tools and testing methodes for React, Redux and Jest
  • Create an installable mobile and desktop application with Progressive Web Apps
  • Make your React apps more stable, readable and manageable


This Typescript training course looks at how TypeScript and React can be used for creating single page applications in JavaScript and HTML. We also have a brief look at Angular and Vue.js. By the end of this course participants will be able to build applications of various complexity with React while adhering to best practices.

JBI run public Micro Frontends  courses in London and custom onsite Micro Frontends training at your UK or worldwide offices.

We can make our custom Micro Frontends training even more engaging and relevant by encouraging delegates to use their own corporate data .

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Front End Developers, team leads and architects involved in Javascript (or similar) software Development




4.8 out of 5 average

"I like that we started from basics and we continued through more advanced concepts and we finished with practical usages of TypeScript by building simple React and Node + express app. It really gave me wider understanding of TypeScript as a language but also how it can be used in real life scenarios and problems."

BK, Software Engineer, Typescript, January 2021

JBI training course London UK

Modern JavaScript

•    JavaScript versions
•    working with modules
•    functions and arrow functions
•    classes
•    functional programming in JavaScript (map, filter, ...)
•    What are Vue.js and Angular


•    Introduction
•    Installing TypeScript
•    Preparing a TypeScript Project
•    Understanding Typing, Variables, and Functions
•    Working with Classes and Interfaces
•    Organizing Your Code with Namespaces
•    Reusing Code through Modules
•    Compiling, Testing and Running TypeScript
•    Debugging TypeScript

Introduction / Overview to Node

•    What is Node
•    Installing node
•    Introduction to npm
•    How to use node in an app

React template language

•    JavaScript-based template language: JSX
•    setting element properties
•    repeating elements
•    if / else
•    events
•    CSS classes and styles

Managing state in React
•    setting and changing the application state
•    using the state hook and setState
•    capturing the content of input elements in the state

Components: Building blocks of modern web applications
•    defining custom HTML tags in React
•    state, props & events
•    data flow between components
•    function components and class components
•    using hooks in function components
•    component lifecycle events (mount, update, unmount)
•    including predefined components from a library

State management with Redux
•    Redux basics: state mangment with pure functions, reducers and immutable data
•    using the reducer hook in React



•    integrating Redux into a React application
•    presentational and container components
•    the Redux ecosystem

•    fetching data from a REST API

Developer tools and testing

•    React developer tools
•    Redux developer tools
•    Testing JavaScript with Jest
•    Testing reducers
•    Testing React components

React Router

•    client-side routing
•    displaying different views based on the current browser route

App development with React
•    short overview of React Native
•    creating an installable mobile and desktop application with Progressive Web Apps
•    comparison of Progressive Web Apps and native apps


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