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We help our clients identify the best opportunities for digitization, create use cases and proof-of-concept strategies, detail business cases, and develop full-scale connected solutions.

We are technology agnostic and flexible, and we focus on helping our clients become self-sufficient. Once we’ve identified the right IoT solutions to develop, we can help build internal agile organizations, send in our experts, or recruit talent—and quickly stand up a fully functioning “digital factory.”

When your team needs an injection of technical skills, resources or direction, we can help

We have a team of professional Consultants (some of whom run our training courses) with up-to-date skills and experience to add value to your projects.

We can help you :

  •     Set up and define the function of a modern, Digital, Technology Team
  •     Boost your team's skills and resources, short term - Engage a JBI Expert/s
  •     Bring your team's skills up to date quickly - Learn from a resident JBI Expert/mentor
  •     Work on your own projects and data - with a JBI Expert to guide you
  •     Source short and long term external talent

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