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BizTalk Server 2020 Development training course

Learn To Facilitate Integration Of Your Business Systems With Biztalk 2020

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to BizTalk Server 2020
  • Create and Configure Schemas and manage properties 
  • Create a Schema Map
  • Configure Pipelines and Adaptors
  • Learn to Configure BizTalk Messaging
  • Deploying and Testing a BizTalk Solution
  • Track BizTalk Message Activity
  • Create a BizTalk Orchestration
  • Create Business Transactions
  • Consuming and Publishing WCF and Web Services
  • Learn Integrating with SQL Server
  • Configure SMTP and POP3
  • Integrate with Windows Share Point Server
  • Utilise the BizTalk Rules Engine


This Biztalk Server 2020 Developers training course is a long standing favourite with JBI clients - delegates report that it "hits the spot" in terms of relevance to the real world scenarios they encounter in commercial environments. 

At JBI you will be taught by consultants who use BizTalk day, in day out. Building on top of the standard Microsoft BizTalk Development course you will be given valuable insights into how best to use BizTalk and best practices to follow.

The course will look at Biztalk's core architecture, which is based on XML and the .NET Framework, WCF and Web services. You will alerted to areas which may cause issues in some scenarios.

At the end of the course not only will you understand how to use all the features but feel well equipped enough to embark upon your first integration solution using BizTalk Server.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers (eg. C#, Java) wishing to learn to develop and deploy Enterprise Biztalk 2020 solutions


4.8 out of 5 average

"It was very useful to go into detail on creating schema and configuring pipelines, which will benefit my work. The knowledge of the trainer was awesome and made learning about the BizTalk world simply and interesting."

CP, Senior IT Consultant, BizTalk Server, June 2021

JBI training course London UK

Introduction to BizTalk Server 2020

  • Introduces the main artefacts of BizTalk Server 2020, the concept of Service Oriented Architecture, WCF & Web services.

Creating and Configuring Schemas

  • Shows you how to use the improved Schema Generation Wizard to create XML and flat file schemas.
  • It also includes managing property schemas and distinguishing and promoting properties

Creating a Schema Map

  • Shows you how to create maps and use standard and scripting functoids to perform mapping operations.

Configuring Pipelines

  • Shows you how to implement standard pipelines that come with BizTalk 2016 .

Configuring Adaptors

  • Shows you how to configure a variety of adaptors including File, Sharepoint, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SQL adaptors to receive and send messages.

Configuring BizTalk Messaging

  • Shows you how to implement a message integration solution.

Deploying and Testing a BizTalk Solution

  • shows you how to deploy the assemblies to BizTalk servers that will host the application.

Tracking BizTalk Message Activity

  • shows you how to  use the BizTalk Administration tool to monitor and debug message activity.

Creating a BizTalk Orchestration

  • Shows you use the BizTalk Orchestration Designer to define business processes.
  • Also includes introduction to orchestration debugger and mapping multiple messages.

Creating Business Transactions

  • Shows you how to create orchestrations that include atomic and long-running transaction and exception handling capabilities.
  • Also includes how to implement compensation and optimising orchestration.

Consuming and Publishing WCF and Web Services

  • shows you how to call a WCF or a Web service from within an orchestration and how to publish an orchestration as a Web service.

Integrating with SQL Server

  • shows you how to send and receive messages from SQL server using SQL adaptor.

Configuring SMTP and POP3

  • adaptors show you how to send and receive email messages within BizTalk

Integrating with Windows Share Point Server

  • shows you how publish and consume files with WSS through WSS adaptor. It also includes introduction to InfoPath and creating custom pipelines.

Using the BizTalk Rules Engine

  • Shows you how to incorporate the BizTalk Rules Engine into your orchestrations and get the benefits of being able to dynamically change your business logic. Develop your own rules using the business rules composer


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