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C++ 20 Standard Library training course

Discover The Power Of New C++ Libraries - Improve Functionality & Speed Up Development

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Our C++20 training course is designed to update developer with the new C++ features.  

Many modern C++ features are designed to simplify code or improve safety and performance.  The use of templates is a common way to write general purpose code and C++ 20 adds yet more features to simplify this type of code.

New Standard Library features are introduced which take advantage of these new C++ features. Other Standard Library features are overviewed which reduce dependence on operating system.  These features include support for threading and synchronisation.

C++ has for a long period supported Object Oriented, Generic and Functional style programming, but now also provides support for fluent style programming.

The latest C++20 features can change the way code is written and can improve the structure of code.

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Next on 20th Jun 2022

JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an Introduction to modern C++ using C++20
  • Learn the latest C++ features
  • Understand the many new features in C++ 11 to C++20
  • Learn how to structure applications using Modules
  • Explore the new template features
  • Explore new Standard Library Features
  • Explore the new fluent style of programming
  • Use new multithreading and synchronisation features
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  • Overview of History of C++ Language
  • Introduction to C++11/14/17/20
  • New features summary
  • Current compiler support
  • Template related features:

    • Template syntax for lambdas
    • Abbreviated function templates
    • Classes as template non-type parameter
    • Lambda capture of variadic parameters
  • Modules

    • Defining a module
    • export and import keywords
    • Making implementation private
  • Concepts

    • Defining a concept
    • Constraints
    • requires
  • Ranges (library)

    • Ranges and Views
    • Fluent style programming
    • Filtering and transforming
  • Coroutines

    • What are coroutines?
    • Why use coroutines?
    • co_await, co_yield and co_return.
  • Threading

    • jthread
    • stop_token
    • semaphore
    • latch and barrier
    • Atomic shared pointer
  • General C++ 20 features including:

    • using enum
    • Lambda capture of ‘this’
    • consteval – immediate functions
    • Deprecated implicit capture
    • Designated initializer
    • constexpr virtual functions
    • Conditional explicit
    • New attributes [[likely]] and [[unlikely]]
    • Spaceship operator <=>
    • Source location
    • std::format
    • shared pointer support for arrays
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JBI training course London UK

C++ developers who need to upgrade their skills in line with the latest C++ standards
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4.8 out of 5 average

"Overall I felt it improved my knowledge of C++ - filled in some gaps and corrected some misunderstandings in my knowledge, and reminded me of some important things I'd forgotten."  

IH, Software Engineer, C++, May 2021

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Next on 20 Jun - see prices
JBI training course London UK
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