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8 January 2018

Angular Training | Benefits of the Angular Framework

Developing websites and apps online are a complicated process that requires a number of people, including a web developer, a software developer and a database manager. It requires in depth knowledge of languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and other network languages such as PHP, Ruby and more. 

AngularJS also known simply as Angular is Google’s Client-side MVC framework that lets developers create HTML5 pages and apps. Contrary to other development platforms, Angular lets you control every part of the app and determine the entire workflow. Even though it is relatively new, Angular has become quite a celebrity amongst other platforms by giving developers a basic web development kit.

JBI’s Angular training gives web developers a focused hand-on experience in which they can explore and build single page HTML5 apps using Google’s Angular. This is a practical course aimed at developing real world skills. The course is meant for Web and IT professionals who know Javascript and wish to progress and take advantage of the latest libraries. 

If you are looking for an employee training plan, JBI’s Angular course is surely the right choice for you. Help your team build applications and reuse their code, deploy for any platforms, build features quickly, with simple, declarative templates. If saving time is one of your top priorities, getting your team through this program might help by giving them tips and tools that will save precious time and result in quick and accurate outputs. 

JBI’s courses can be customised for your company’s specific requirements. Every course’s content and duration can be easily altered to suit your business priorities. The JBI employee training plan can take place either in your offices, or in our training centre in London. Sign up today and help your team be the best when it comes to Angular or any other software development method out there. Read more about Angular course London.


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