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2 May 2022

Major UK banking group receives Python and C++ training courses for PhD graduate programme

A major UK baking group requested JBI to run several training courses as part of their PHD graduate programme, which included Python data analysis, machine learning and C++ training.

Financial services is a rapidly changing industry and it is becoming ever more reliant on technological practices that are transforming financial processes. For a number of years already, financial service teams have developed models in many forms such as Risk, financial markets and pricing to increase the efficiency, productivity and results within those teams. Involved in the C++ training and Python courses was educating the delegates on how to code new models, enhance existing ones, perform technical analysis and testing, whilst also providing a foundational basis for joining all potential businesses areas and for future technological developments.

 The Python for Data Analysts and Quants course teaches the graduates how to monitor and analyse the data produced in their models using pivotal data science tools such as NumPy, which provides high-speed manipulation of arrays and includes many complex mathematical operations such as Fourier Transform, Pandas, which is used to extract insights from data and also SciPy, which is similar to NumPy by providing numerical and scientific algorithms.

 The more modern influence on the financial services sector is in the introduction and increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve algorithmic trading, which analyses large volumes of data and undertakes thousands of trades every day with only parameters as inputs, and it is also used in quantitative risk management.

JBI consulted the banking group heavily in the production of all the courses to tailor them to the specific requirements of the job. This is to ensure that the graduates complete the programme with sufficient understanding of the business and technical skills that will be used on a daily basis, whilst producing stimulating and challenging scenarios to tackle in the session to keep the delegates engaged.

Here are some of the highlights from each of the courses:


  • Learn core concepts of the Python environment, language and data science
  • Explore Python data science tools such as NumPy and Pandas  
  • Explore the opportunity to apply the proposed concepts on real data science applications
  • Use data analysis to perform the computation of summary information and basic statistics
  • Use effective data visualisation techniques to help you with complex data structures


  • Learn principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Create Efficient Responsive Robust C++ Applications - Where Performance Matters
  • Implement Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Understand use  of Operators and Streams
  • Gain an Introduction to the Standard Library


  • Learn about framing a business application as a Machine Learning task
  • Understand the role of labelled data, data cleaning and data transformation in Machine Learning systems
  • Explore feature engineering techniques to extract useful attributes from your data
  • Implement supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms using Python
  •  Evaluate the quality of your models, using evaluation metrics, model introspection and error analysis
  • Understand the concepts of Deep Learning & Neural networks

JBI ran these programmes remotely at the headquarters of the banking group and received fantastic feedback on all of the courses: 

"I like that there were lots of examples and practical exercises which built on each other. I like the tutor a lot, his way of teaching is clear and sounds professional. He gives us time to practice, I felt comfy to ask questions." RM, Graduate Quant Analyst

"Usage of CoCalc was really good. The instructor gave examples related to financial markets, which were helpful. Overall teaching methodology was excellent." CJ, Graduate Quant analyst

A taster video for Python Remote Training


Here is a short video of an exercise on illustrating inheritance and polymorphism in C++ as it would be taught on JBI training's 4 day C++ introduction training course.


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