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7 October 2017

Increasing Mobile App Development resource

This client had previously utilised third parties to develop and deliver its customer facing products and services. A strategy change required that this activity be brought back in house with previously silo’d experts brought together as a functioning development team trained in a much broader skills set in order embrace the new remit.

JBI was chosen to design and deliver a programme of courses that would comprehensively introduce a series of technologies to experienced technologist.

JBI engaged with the client and through a series of meetings identified the key content, format and durations for each event. Key client contacts were identified for each technology and connected to the trainer assigned to deliver the course in order to focus in on the key content critical to fulfilling this new business remit.

The courses were delivered over 18 extended days in a 3 month period and covered;

  1. JavaScript, HTML/CSS & Responsive Design
  2. Agile
  3. Scrum Master courses
  4. Java TDD with Web Services
  5. MongoDB & MySQL
  6. Secure Coding
  7. iOS
  8. Android

Each course prioritised the client’s requirements and focused on specific relevant topics delivered through trainer led sessions, hand-on labs and where appropriate applications were built in-course to illustrate lessons learnt.

Account management was key to the success of this project allowing for a complex series of courses to be delivered as scheduled (in some case re-scheduled at the client’s request), with materials, room set-up, technical set-up and actioned feedback delivered on-time and within service agreements.

As a direct result of this programme the client has proactively expanded our contact with other areas of business allowing us to deliver additional content across database management, compliance and business awareness of IT.

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