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25 July 2022

Global Bank pivots to Kubernetes from home-grown system

A large global bank has recently decided to move from a home-grown container orchestration system to Kubernetes and required training for their teams. Kubernetes has far more facets to its system than their previous one, whilst also increasing the speed at which the bank can create new services. On the old system it took the bank multiple weeks to deploy a new service, whereas now multiple can be done in a week. Moreover, there is a large saving in costs, specifically due to the reduction in cloud based services and personnel required to run the services.

The bank decided to move to Kubernetes because they wanted to be a part of a larger community, which could provide more support than relying on the small team that currently works on features. Once using Kubernetes, the bank built a platform for their applications on AWS, which undertakes advanced machine learning for big decisions on data. Naturally, as a global bank, the decisions made by this system are at the core of the business and the clients that use their platform, including fraud detection and prevention and credit approvals. Furthermore, Kubernetes is also being used by the bank to revolutionise the speed at which clusters from Amazon Machine Images get rebuilt securing the vulnerabilities for applications stored in the AWS cloud.

In consultation with the bank and the instructor for the course, JBI developed a 3 day intensive course that combined the normal 2 day Kubernetes introductory course and the more advanced follow up 2 day Kubernetes – beyond the basics course. JBI tailored the courses for the day to day scenarios that the bank would observe. The curated course included the following objectives to ensure that the learning was achieved:

  • To get a working understanding of Kubernetes architecture and running Kubernetes applications such as Kubeadm
  • To deploy package apps into a cluster and managing database clustering
  • Practice labs for deploying databases
  • Utilising Auto scaling deployments, StatefulSets and clusters
  • How to visualise metrics and alerts in dashboards
  • Networking in Kubernetes and security processes

The training course was ran virtually via Zoom for around 15 delegates and the feedback was very positive with further courses being planned in the future.

“It went through the entire construction for a Kubernetes project from the start, in an easy way. I also have a complete grasp of how clusters would be used in my job” WH, Software Specialist

“Teacher was very passionate and knowledgeable, whilst the exercises done during the training were very interesting” MC Software Engineer

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Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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