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20 July 2022

Agile overview ran for award winning software developers

An award winning Software Development Company has recently been investigating the benefits of using the Agile methodology and inquired to JBI about continuing to develop their understanding.

Agile methodologies are principles for developing, planning and implementing software, which leads to a flexible process where self-organising teams will adjust priorities dynamically to meet the needs of customers rather than making a rigid plan. Furthermore, Agile enables teams to manage and complete their work in a more efficient way by ensuring that the most important task is always being undertaken, as well as giving the team members more freedom over what they want to accomplish, thus increasing motivation.

The inherent collaborative nature of agile leads to improved project visibility within the team and thus regular troubleshooting will occur, which gives rise to a higher quality of project and higher standards within a team. In addition, agile methodology means that feedback from the stakeholders and clients is supplied to the team throughout the project after every iteration, leading to continual creative changes and improvements, whilst also forming a better team dynamic between leadership and the team.

The Software development company came to JBI requesting 4 days of afternoon sessions, totalling 2 full days of workshops. These sessions took place face to face in the company’s office at the request of the company and the content of the course was tailored to the day to day requirements that the company would have for Agile, which included:

  • Working with user stories
  • Worked labs and exercises on sprint planning and execution
  • The impact and importance of Test driven development within Agile
  • Describing the scrum principles and understanding the responsibilities of a team member

Approximately 20 delegates took part over the 4 day course from various functions, requiring a high level overview on Agile, and its impact on their work. All of the delegates returned with excellent feedback regarding the course and its trainer:

“It was great to pause and think about Agile practices. I did learn some things that I didn't know well enough, such as the concept of stories to organise the work and also hear discussions and points risen by my colleagues. I also liked the background and historical context given for Agile techniques.” TC, Computer Vision researcher

“The course was well organised, the instructor was a pleasure to listen to (fine orator), there was a good balance between presentations and small workshops.” JCB, Computer Vision scientist

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About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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