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Why Companies Are Training Their Developers in React JS and React Native

30 July 2019

Why Companies Are Training Their Developers in React JS and React Native

Web software development and app software development has been advancing rapidly over the last five years, leading to a significant progression in front end development. While there are many front end development frameworks that have come and gone in that time, React JS and ReactNative have remained popular choices for software development, but why?

ReactJS is designed to be highly scalable, fast, and simple to use, making it an attractive choice for developers as well as companies with ambitious web development goals. React is essentially a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and allows developers to create huge web apps. It’s this flexibility and scalability that has caught the attention of some major companies including the tech giants.

Facebook and Instagram, which are both owned by the same company, both use ReactJS for certain web features such as webpages, geolocations, and tags. Facebook also uses React Native for certain elements of their iOS and Android apps. This perhaps shouldn’t come as a major surprise since Facebook did invent React JS, but if it’s fit for one of the world’s largest tech companies then it’s fit for almost any other company. Another major adopter of React is streaming giant Netflix who even published an official blog post on how React JS improves runtime performance and startup speed.

A variety of well-established businesses from completely different industries are using React to boost the performance of their web pages, or using React Native to build large scale competitive apps. For example, the New York Times, Yahoo, Codecademy, and Dropbox all use ReactJS. This huge influx of major companies adopting React or opting to switch to it is likely why React and React Native have been able to grow in popularity so rapidly. More and more small to mid-size businesses are starting to see the value in training their developers in the frameworks in order to take advantage of the benefits.

Why React and React Native Are a Good Choice for Developers

  • React JS is easy to use and simple to learn compared to many other frameworks, especially if the developer has a good understanding of JavaScript and HTML.
  • React, as the name suggests, reacts to changes in real-time so that when the input changes, the output also changes. This means developers don’t have to worry about updating the Document Object Model (DOM) themselves, because React will do it automatically.
  • React has been designed to streamline development, updating of the UI, and maintenance which makes complex tasks less time-consuming.

Many companies are choosing to enrol their developers in React JS and React Native training courses to expand on their current skillsets and add value to the company. For companies that employ JavaScript developers, training them in React is the natural progression since a JavaScript developer will already possess the skills necessary to learn React.

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