Python training course

Python is a simple programming language that encourages good practices.

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Python training course (code: PYTHONTEST)

TRAINING Course Overview

In programming terms, Python has every angle covered. It is used extensively in the cloud, and is one of the first languages to support Google App Engine. Python is popular among scientific communities through the SciPy package. It's simplicity makes it easy enough for beginners who use a Raspberry Pi, which was originally targeted to run Python. System administrators, looking for more than shell scripts, also take to Python, given the extensive library support available.

Python is a dynamic language, object-oriented and has features enabling its use as a functional language.  It also supports meta-programming structures and aspects of Lisp and Haskell.

Python 3 is the latest version and  is used most effectively for rapid Test Script development and through hands-on practicals, you will see why Python is simple enough to be used to teach young children to program,  advanced enough to be used by M.I.T. to teach computer science and is perhaps the most widely used dynamic language with many high quality, open source libraries and frameworks. 


Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Mathematicians, System Testers and Shell Scripters who are new to Python



Introduction to Python    

Python history, uses, typing system (dynamic/strong), execution model

Data Types         

Integers, real numbers, strings, …


Lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, …

Flow Control      

If, while, for, iterators


Parameters, return values, variable positional/keyword arguments, defaults


Attributes, functions, classes, namespaces


Built-in functions, standard library


Handling, raising, custom exceptions, safe release of resources

File handling    

Reading/writing, handling text/binary


Test driven development for Python with assert, unit testing

Reg. Exp.            

Regular Expressions for searching/parsing/replacing text


Creating objects, methods, attributes, static methods

Using classes    

Inheritance, polymorphism

Misc Libraries   

Django, Selenium. …


For more reliable code


  • Python Introduction 
  • Data Types         
  • Collections        
  • Flow Control      
  • Functions            
  • Modules             
  • Resources          
  • Exceptions         
  • File handling    
  • TDD                       
  • Reg. Exp.            
  • Classes                
  • Using classes    
  • Misc Libraries   

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