Websphere Application Server Admin Training Course

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Websphere Application Server Admin training course (code: WASAdmin)

Attend A Websphere Application Server Course At JBI - Learn To Install & Maintain Your Corporate Web Server


The objective of this course is to prepare those who come in to regular contact with WebSphere Application Server version 8.5 to administer, deploy, support, trouble-shoot and tune Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications within the IBM application server environment.  The course concentrates on the experience of the author and instructor in many different WebSphere and other middleware engagements, with an emphasis on supportability, maintainability and scalability of JEE applications.


The course is intended for IT professionals who are new to administration of WAS



Objectives and Requirements

Provide students with the ability to manage,  tune and diagnose problems with applications within a WebSphere 6.1 environment.


  • Introduction to the WebSphere branded family of products and other companion products in the IBM software catalogue.
  • Background and origin of the WebSphere Application Server.
  • JEE Outline.
  • IBM HTTP Server, powered by Apache.
  • Installing and patching WebSphere Application Server, IBM HTTP Server (IHS) and the plug-in.

Websphere Interfaces

  • WebSphere administrative interfaces
  • Objects within the WebSphere administrative domain
  • Defining external resources – MQ and Database
  • Creating an application server container
  • Starting and stopping application servers
  • Workload management and clustering principals
  • Applying fixes interactively and silently

Managing the Workload

  • Workload management and clustering principals
  • Applying fixes interactively and silently
  • Creating multiple node cells – ‘federating’
  • Deploying web applications into WebSphere
  • Deploying Enterprise applications into WebSphere


  • Creating clusters
  • Creating clones for horizontal and vertical scaling
  • Deploying applications into clustered environments
  • Application scalability
  • Problem Diagnosis

Security and Performance

  • Applying WebSphere and JEE security
  • Tracing WebSphere and application behaviour
  • Application assembly with the Server Toolkit
  • Tivoli Performance Viewer and Performance Advisor
  • Objectives and Requirements
  • Introduction
  • Websphere Interfaces
  • Managing the Workload
  • Scaling
  • Security and Performance
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