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Oracle ODI Development - Advanced Training Course

Attend An Advanced Oracle ODI Developer Course - Learn to Develop Applications Within Your Data Integration Installation

18 Feb London
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Oracle ODI Development - Advanced training course (code: ODI-ADV)


This Oracle ODI training course is for ETL Developers who wish to extend their understanding of ODI.  This course will cover the product architecture and practical use of the Tool, so you can hit the ground running when you start using the product after the course. The course can be tailored to cover different Database Technologies: Oracle, MySQL and SQLServer, as well as Flat Files and XML sources and targets.


This course is for ETL Developers who already know ODI, but wish to extend their knowledge of the this tool.




Developing ODI Knowledge Modules

    Overview of Different Types of KMs

    Guidelines for KM Developers

    Working with Substitution Methods

    Applying Various ODI Tags

    Implementing Java in KMs

    Troubleshooting and Debugging KMs


Designing Advanced Integration Interfaces

    Designing Integration Interfaces: E-LT and ETL - Style Interfaces

    Selecting LKM and Mono-Connection (Single Technology) IKM

    Applying Best Practices for Integration Interfaces Design

    Designing Temporary Interfaces

    Implementing Lookups

    Combining Multiple Datasets

    Using Set-Based Operators

    Partitioning ODI Datastores


Using variables

    Describing a Variable's Scope

    Inserting Variables in Object Properties

    Using Variables within Variables

    Defining Variables in the Resource Name of a Datastore

    Applying Variables in Topology Objects

    Setting Variables as Start Up Parameters

    Tracking Variables


Using Groovy in ODI

    Interacting Programmatically with ODI

    Overview of ODI SDK

    Introduction to Groovy

    Using Groovy Editor

    Automating Development Tasks with Groovy


Using Complex Files

    What are Complex Files

    Determining Technical Requirements for Complex Files Project

    Applying nXSD Schema: an Example

    Setting up the Topology for Complex Files

    Creating and Reverse-Engineering a Complex Files Model

    Designing an Interface with Complex Files


Working with Changed Data Capture

    Overview of ODI version management

    Techniques of Changed Data Capture

    Changed Data Capture in ODI

    CDC Strategies and Infrastructure

    CDC Consistency

    Using CDC

    Viewing Data/Changed data

    Using Journalizing



Selecting Integration Strategies

    Loading and Integration Patterns

    Selecting Staging Area Location

    Working with Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)

    Working with Changed Data Capture

    Using ODI with Oracle GoldenGate


ODI and Big Data

    Describe Big Data concepts

    Contrast Hadoop, NoSQL, Apache, Hive, HBase, HDFS

    Implement ODI mapping for Big Data to Oracle SQL


  • Product Installation
  • Developing ODI Knowledge Modules
  • Designing Advanced Integration Interfaces
  • Using variables
  • Using Groovy in ODI
  • Using Complex Files
  • Working with Changed Data Capture
  • Selecting Integration Strategies
  • ODI and Big Data

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18th Feb 2019 - 3 days £1900

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