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Oracle Admin Essentials Training Course

A Short Course Covering The Essentials of Oracle Database Administration

28 Jan London
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Oracle Admin Essentials training course (code: ORACADMSHO)


This short Oracle Database Administration training course explores the fundamentals of basic database administration.  The course is suitable for versions of Oracle database up to and including 12. The course is based around using the command line, but will provide Enterprise Manager Express to complement and enhance the learning experience.


The course is suitable for technical personnel who need to learn how to administer and maintain Oracle Databases.


•    Oracle Concepts Overview                                                                    
            Oracle Components
            The Oracle Instance
            The Oracle Database
            Oracle Processes
            The Listener
            Grid Infrastructure Overview
                        Oracle Restart
                        Automatic Storage Management
•    Oracle Database Software Installation                                               
            Pre-installation Tasks
            Installation Process
•    Oracle Database Creation                                                                      
            Using the Database Configuration Assistant
•    Managing an Oracle Database Instance                                            
            Connecting as a privileged user
            Startup and Shutdown
            Initialisation Parameters
            Understanding Oracle Processes
            Understanding System Global Area Components
            Managing the System Global Area size
            Understanding Program Global Area Components
            Managing the Program Global Area size
            The Automatic Diagnostic Repository
            The Data Dictionary
•    Control Files and Tablespaces                                                 
            Understanding the role of Control Files
            Understanding Tablespaces
            Understanding Data Files
            Oracle Managed Files
•    Redo Logging                                                                                           
            Understanding the role of Redo Logging
            Redo Log Groups
            Redo Log File Multiplexing
•    Undo Management                    


Install and create an Oracle Database
Discover the Oracle database architecture
Create and manage users
Create and manage storage structures
Administer the Oracle Database
Understand Oracle Flashback technology
Manage space requirements

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