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.NET Design Patterns Training Course

Design better more robust .NET applications using common Design Patterns

11 Mar London
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.NET Design Patterns training course (code: NETDESIGN)


Our .NET Design Patterns training course will show you how you can use commonly used Design patterns to solve common problems when designing an application or system. It is an Expert-led  practical course with plenty of demos, discussion and interaction


.NET Developers



What are Patterns and Pattern Languages?
Patterns and Anti-Patterns.
Pattern Categories (Creation, Structural, Behavioural)
Use of Patterns to improve design
What are Cohesion and Couple?
Improve maintainability through the application of patterns

Standard GOF Patterns

Investigate and implement a number of Patterns:
    Builder Pattern
    Singleton Pattern
    Façade Pattern
    Adapter Pattern
    Iterator Pattern
    Command Pattern
    Observer Pattern

Patterns for User Interface

Consider alternative patterns
Investigate and implement a number of UI Patterns:

Patterns for Larger UI Applications

Investigate the use and implementation of patterns used within User Interfaces, including:
    Pipes and Filters
    Repository Pattern
    Unit of Work Pattern
Consider alternative patterns and implementations in context
Using Patterns to help design and maintainability

Distribution and Structural Patterns

Examine the impact on .NET design of distribution, services, partitioning, transactions and other ‘structural’ concerns. 
Explore the patterns that can be introduced to overcome some of the issues associated with these technical aspects of the system

Data and Integration Layer Patterns

Explore different styles of data access in .NET and various patterns for mapping domain data to .NET elements.

Examine common patterns and idioms for accessing non-database business data and services and patterns for system integration

Looking Ahead

Summary and further reading
References, e.g. [POSA]
Pattern Summary, e.g. Layers
Case Studies

  • Describe many of the standard GOF patterns
  • List many of the principal patterns found in .NET applications
  • Use .NET patterns in application design, assessing a given pattern’s fit in a given context
  • Describe how these patterns can be implemented
  • Use patterns to maximise cohesion and minimise coupling
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11th Mar 2019 - 3 days £1495

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