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Discover LEAN techniques and best practices that can easily be reused and integrated within a broad range of mission critical projects

25 Mar London
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Lean training course (code: Lean)


Our Lean Training course will show how Lean thinking is a widely adopted improvement approach that can greatly simplify processes and improve performance in both manufacturing and service organisations. Lean recognises that most of an organisation’s processes are at best 40% value adding. Effectively applying Lean principles and tools can significantly improve the percentage of value added time; reduce process timescales; and reduce waste and the associated costs. At the same time there will be an improvement in customer service and satisfaction levels. This Lean training course enables delegates to understand the benefits of Lean for their organisation; the key Lean principles, tools and techniques and how to approach implementation.



Anyone involved in software development – from business analysis, planning and architecture, through to coding and testing.


Understanding Variability
Project Charter
Stakeholder Analysis
Communication Plan
Identify and segment key Customers
Critical to Quality (CTQ) Requirements
Verifying CTQs
Hi-level Process map
Process Vision
Project Plan

Measurement Basics
Measurement process and plan
Selecting Measures
Measuring Value
Cost of Poor Quality
Data definition and sources
Measuring yields and capability
Implementing the measurement plan

Data Analysis
Pareto charts
Frequency charts
Run charts
Process Mapping and Analysis
Value Stream Analysis
Cause and Effect Analysis
Verifying causes
Scatter diagrams
Design of Experiments

Process Vision
Brain storming
Lean principles
Little’s Law
Push versus Pull
Setup reduction
Theory of Constraints Evaluating solutions
Decision Analysis
Impact Effort Matrix
Selecting solutions
Developing solution options
Business scenarios
Pilot testing
FMEA risk analysis
Implementation planning
Force field analysis

Simple and appropriate documentation
Mistake Proofing
Statistical Control
Control Charts
I, X Bar and R Charts
Response Charts
Process Management
Process Scorecards
Project Close and Handover

  • Prioritise improvement activities for greatest organisational impact
  • Lead teams in applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Define improvement projects that satisfy customer requirements
  • Measure inputs and outputs to provide meaningful data
  • Analyse data to identify the root causes of variability
  • Improve selected processes to reduce variability, including the use of designed experiments
  • Improve processes to reduce variability
  • Control processes to prevent reoccurrence of variation and consolidate gains
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25th Mar 2019 - 2 days £1495

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