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Oracle Performance Tuning Training Course

7 Jan London
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Oracle Performance Tuning training course (code: ORACPERF)

Attend An Oracle Performance & Tuning Course - Ensure High Performance Databases For Your Organisation



Our Oracle SQL Performance and tuning training course is there to ensure that performance is considered when designing, coding and then later maintaining Oracle applications in production. JBI offers courses for SQL developers,  support staff and DBAs that understand Oracle Performance issues and attempts to meet them head on. As well as introducing the obvious tools, we also show the good and bad side to SQL hints and give many SQL coding tips and techniques that are proved through plan analysis.


This in-depth class is intended for technical users of the Oracle database system who are responsible for ensuring peak performance in an intensive production environment.


Oracle RDBMS Architecture

Memory, Process and Disk Structure, Disk Structure, Parameter File, Control File, Data Files, Redo Log Files, Password File, Logical / Physical Structures, Segments, Extents, Blocks, Memory Structure, Shared Pool, Buffer Cache, Redo Log Buffer, Process Structure, User and Shadow Processes, Database Writer, Log Writer, System Monitor, Process Monitor, Archiver, Processing a query, Processing an Update, Processing a transaction.

Approach to Tuning

Planning to Tune, What is to be tuned?, What is needed?, What is the tuning target?, How to achieve your goals.

Tuning Tools and Utilities

Tools Overview, Oracle Enterprise Manager, OEM Packs, Alert Log, Trace Files, Static Dictionary Tables, Dynamic Performance Views, UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT, Statspack, Advisor Central, awrrpt reports,addmrpt

Understanding Statistics

Table and Index Statistics, System Statistics, Statistics Gathering Mechanisms, DBMS_STATS Package, DBMS_STATS Procedures, System Statistics Procedures, Executing System Stats Procedures, Dictionary Statistics Procedures

Tuning Memory

Shared Pool Tuning, Cache Tuning, Redo Log Buffer Tuning, Automating Memory Settings, Parameters settings, Dynamic Memory Management.

Disk File Tuning

Data Files, Processes and Data Files, Data File Tuning Goals, Optimise disk I/O by tablespaces, Using Tablespaces Effectively, Separate busy tables from each other, Tablespace Types, Extent Management, Segment Space Management, Setting Up ASSM, Checking Tablespace Usage, Plan UNDO/ROLLBACK tablespace usage, Redo Log File Tuning Goals, Checkpoints.

Undo Segment Tuning

Rollback Segments v Automatic Undo Management.

Data Block Tuning

Block Tuning Guidelines, Tablespace types, Dynamic extent allocation, Database Block Sizing, Block Packing Factor, Chaining and Migration, High Water Mark, Space Recovery Mechanisms, Index Reorganisation, Index Reorganisation Views.

Automating Disk Usage

ASM Automatic Storage Management, Architecture, Setting Parameters, Configuring ASM.

Process Tuning

Sorting Overview, Sorting Mechanisms, Sort Operations, Sort Tuning Goals, Measuring Sorts, Oracle Latches, Investigating Latches, Latch Issue Resolution, Locking Overview, Lock Types, Locking Issues, Locking Diagnostics, Resolving Locking Issues.


  • We Introduce the SQL optimizer main features, its options and opprtunities in plain and simple language.
  • We spends introduce, explain and plan tables in their many forms, and how to interpret them.
  • We go through common SQL access paths for common coding approaches including major areas such as  selectivity principles, and optimizer approaches to joins, subqueries, set approaches and managing sorts .
  • We introduce powerful and efficient SQL techniques and options such as inline views, use of analytic functions, merge, and rollup and cube
  • We also show the good and bad side to SQL hints and give many SQL coding tips and techniques that are proved through plan analysis.
  • We provide straight forward access and explanations to the AWR “world”  (including AWR and ASH reports, plus ADDM).
  • And finally we show how to build SQL Tuning sets and then use them with  SQL Performance Analyser, SQL Tuning and Access advisors.
  • Often, delegates are quite literally astonished at the new information sources they  now have access to, that can help them do a difficult job more effectively.   
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7th Jan 2019 - 3 days £1800

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