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7 Jan London
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React training course (code: REACTFLUX)

Learn React and Flux - Build large data-driven applications that intertwine with Facebook & Instagram



React is the exciting web framework from Facebook. It runs Facebook.com, and a host of other high-performing web applications, and is designed to facilitate three goals: performance, agility, and scale.

React is a component based front-end library that allows you to build applications out of a tree of small, testable, modular components. It features a diffing engine that makes DOM manipulation incredibly fast, faster even than vanilla DOM scripting.

Flux is an architectural pattern characterised by one-way data flow, immutability and message passing. We create a central data store, and then pass messages to it to tell it how to change. Changes then flow into the component tree, updating the DOM. It can seem intimidating at first, but quickly becomes natural. In this course, we use Redux for Flux, which is currently the best practice solution.

Our React training course is practical. You will, right from day one, be building components and applications with real-world applicability. We will build against tests from the end of day one, and design sensible, component-based solutions using best practice. You will also gain an awareness of the wider JavaScript toolchain ecosystem, including Node, Karma, and Webpack.


This course is designed for software developers who are interested in learning how to build single page web applications or mobile hybrid apps. You should have good coding skills, and some skill with JavaScript. You will also need to be able to compose a basic website in HTML and CSS.

 Instagram is one popular website known to be using React.


React Fundamentals

React introduction & architecture
Getting ready to write code – getting the environment set up
Basic terminology
First look at React in CodePen
    Building a functional component
    Rendering a component
    JSX or createElement
Building and displaying a basic Component
    Functional components
    Class based components
Passing data to a component via immutable props
Dynamically generated React components
Using array data
The key property & performance
Style, React and CSS
Embedding HTML in data
More about properties
    Passing props around your components
    Default properties
Using props.children with nested components
Using context with nested components
More about JSX
JSX and the JIT transformer
JSX and the pre-processor transformer (compile/build)
Modularising the code using import/export
Stateful components
    Building a stateful component
Setting and using State
    Handling events with React components
    Using callbacks
More about the component lifecycle and specification methods
    Components and pure components    
Presentational, container, higher order – just how many component styles are there?
    Error boundaries

Flux with ReduxFlux – the original pattern

Flux – the original pattern
Redux Overview
Redux Actions
Redux Reducers
Redux Store
Redux Data flow


  • Render and a simple hello world.
  • Child Nodes and rendering child nodes.
  • Creating Components.
  • Props and passing data down to render.
  • State and updating UI state.
  • Transpiling JSX to make our templates more legible.
  • Flux architecture with Redux
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7th Jan 2019 - 2 days £1295

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