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Python (Testers & Developers)

Learn Python And See How Quickly You Can Develop Test Scripts And Applications

Our Python training course will get you to grips with this remarkebly simple, yet versatile, programming language.

At JBI, we approach Python by instructor led live demonstrations in Eclipse/PyDev where delegates can type along with the instructor, making full use of the debugging capabilities of Eclipse.  And although we start with the basics, we quickly advance to the more interesting subjects.

Object Orientation is covered in detail, with detailed memory diagrams providing the basis of understanding how classes and objects work in Python. But Python also serves as a great introduction to Functional Programming, allowing us to explore topics such as closures, comprehensions, generators and decorators. And of course one of the great strengths of Python is the extensive set of libraries.  We take a tour of some of the more interesting libraries and even show how to interface to your own libraries written in C and C++, downloaded from a local repository using PIP.

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Course Overview


Our Python training course provides an overview of Python architecture, and intensive hands-on experience in the development and implementation of Python applications.


The course is made of 2 parts; the first 3 days are for Developers and Testers who are new to Python. The next 2 days are for developers who wish to explore Python further and learn more about building safer, more maintainable code for use within ntheir organisation.


PART I (For testers and Developers) 3 days


  • Introduction     
  • Data Types         
  • Collections        
  • Flow Control      
  • Functions            
  • Modules             
  • Resources          
  • Exceptions         
  • File handling    
  • TDD                       
  • Reg. Exp.            
  • Classes                
  • Using classes    
  • Misc Libraries   


PART II (For Developers) 2 days

  • Iterators
  • Generators 
  • Functional programming
  • Comprehensions 
  • Operator overloading
  • Decorators
  • Context managers
  • Data access control
  • Concurrency 
  • Profiling 
  • Unit testing 


Course Detail


PART I (For testers and Developers) 3 days


History, uses, typing system (dynamic/strong), execution model

Data Types         

Integers, real numbers, strings, …


Lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, …

Flow Control      

If, while, for, iterators


Parameters, return values, variable positional/keyword arguments, defaults


Attributes, functions, classes, namespaces


Built-in functions, standard library


Handling, raising, custom exceptions, safe release of resources

File handling    

Reading/writing, handling text/binary


Test driven development with assert, unit testing

Reg. Exp.            

Regular Expressions for searching/parsing/replacing text


Creating objects, methods, attributes, static methods

Using classes    

Inheritance, polymorphism

Misc Libraries   

Django, Selenium. …

PART II (For Developers) 2 days


For cleaner design


For more efficient applications

Functional programming

For more compact code


For concise, readable code

Operator overloading

For elegant solutions


For Aspect Oriented Programming  e.g. for tracing, authentication

Context managers

For safe release of resources

Data access control

For safer data access


For efficiency


For identification of bottlenecks

Unit testing 

For more reliable code


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Audience: Programmers or testers who are new to Python, who require the skills to develop commercial Python applications.
Prerequisite skills: Python course part 1 Prerequisites Some programming experience, in any language. Experience with a scripting language and/or an understanding of object oriented principles would be an advantage but is not required. What will be gained A sound knowledge of how to use Python effectively for software development and/or test automation. The ability to confidently select and use appropriate libraries and frameworks. Python course part 2 Prerequisites Experience of using Python, with a good understanding of its object oriented aspects and its use of namespaces. What will be gained The ability to write safer, more maintainable and efficient programs using Python idioms and design patterns. An understanding of how libraries/frameworks use Python's more advanced facilities. Python | Training Courses | Technical IT Training Courses
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If your teams are located at different locations, we can arrange for course delivery via the Web.

The Instructor will conduct the live course from one of your offices (or ours), and delegates can join the live sessions online, with interactive access to the instructor and other delegates.

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