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AI & Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, as we see it, is a collection of multiple technologies that enable machines to sense, comprehend and act—and learn, either on their own or to augment human activities.

Artificial intelligence is poised to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, and companies should prepare for it now.

We already see real-life benefits for a few early adopting firms, making it more urgent than ever for others to accelerate their digital transformations. Our findings focus on five AI technology systems: robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning, which includes deep learning and underpins many recent advances in the other AI technologies.

Data science is used in multiple ways inside an organization, and a really common mistake we see people make in managing it is assuming that because it runs on one tech stack, it’s just one thing. But we’d break it down into two capabilities, both of which rely on the same technology. The first capability is understanding the business. That’s analytics, or business intelligence — being able to ask questions and analyze information to make better decisions. It’s usually run out of the CFO or COO’s office. It’s not necessarily a technical domain.

The second capability is product data science: building algorithms and systems — which may use machine learning and AI — that actually improve the product. This is where things like spam filters, recommendation systems, search algorithms, and data visualization come in. This capability usually sits under a line of business and is run out of product development or engineering.

When your team needs an injection of AI technical skills, resources or direction, we can help

We have a team of professional Consultants (some of whom run our training courses) with up-to-date skills and experience to add value to your projects.

We can help you :

  •     Set up and define the function of a modern, Digital, Technology Team
  •     Boost your team's skills and resources, short term - Engage a JBI Expert/s
  •     Bring your team's skills up to date quickly - Learn from a resident JBI Expert/mentor
  •     Work on your own projects and data - with a JBI Expert to guide you
  •     Source short and long term external talent


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